Three years ago today...

While the record wasn't officially released until June 6th 2006, we sold our first copies of Floating World at the Temple Club in Lansing Michigan three years ago today. The show was really something special, we were joined by Page France and Those Transatlantics, both of whom I really love. It was also one of the first times I felt like Anathallo had this enormous support from our community pushing us forward into new territory, there was such an amazing mass of friends there, I felt so lucky to be part of the band. Poster below from the four release shows we had designed by the amazingly talented Eric Mortensen.


Image of the day

From Rune Generiussen's "Singles" series.


Black History Month - Harold Washington

In case you forgot (I did), February is black history month and to help celebrate I wanted to share with you a little information about this guy Harold Washington. The first time I came across Mr. Washington was below ground, while walking out of a CTA stop. As I walked, I came across a mural of Chicago's past mayors. There were the obvious lot of old white dudes, the old Mayor Daley, a woman (!), and this African American guy. I said to myself, "What? When did Chicago have an African American mayor?" I later realized his name was Harold Washington, which this building is named after.

I didn't really put it all together until I heard this incredible story on This American Life a while back during the run up to the 2008 elections. Fortunately for us they archive all of their episodes for FREE. Go listen to it when you have an hour, it will be one of the best hours you've spent in a long time (and if you have two hours, listen to any other episode you find, this show has the potential to change your life). Seeing Obama win came as somewhat of a surprise to me, but in many ways it makes sense after the past eight years. Washington on the other hand was a fireball, he was single (have you ever heard of a single politician?), was up against the mayoral incumbent as well as former mayor Richard J. Daley's son (and later to become mayor himself), and ran for office in a extremely racially divided 1984 Chicago. I cannot do him justice here, so go listen to the story here you'll believe in life so much more.


Thank You for Sound

Hi.  I can't say enough how grateful that I am to all of you who have sent us sounds.  I know this requires many kinds of trust.  To name one, the trust that we won't publicly humiliate/embarrass you.  If any of these sounds should end up in anything, we'll definitely let you know and ask before presenting them to the public. 

A number of emails have mentioned wanting to know what this project is about before sending submissions.  Unfortunately - I won't say just yet.  It would put too much pressure on the outcome (which already feels a little heavy to me for a number of reasons).  Besides - secrets and suspense are wonderful!  

Most of the submissions have been in the form of songs.  This is great!  It is also challenging, because it requires an extreme familiarity with your music in order to hear it as sounds vs. the whole composition.  

Now I'm in the search of raw sounds and sound fields.  This doesn't exclude the use of instruments... just maybe play a few of your favorite notes.  Again - don't worry about traditional ideas about sound quality.  In the best sense, everything has a perfect sound quality right?  It is being what it is.  Just feel free to mess around.

John  Cage:

There is poetry as soon as we realize that we possess nothing.

There is no such thing as an empty space or empty time.  There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make silence, we cannot.