And a Happy New Year

To 2009 - May we all live in the light of a reawakened belief in the possibility of possibility.

Love to all from all - Anathallo


Three Pictures - thank you Japan

We made a short afternoon sightseeing trip to Kyoto on Thursday.

Matt got "the crazy eyes"

Last night's show in Tokyo at MarbleTron, Anathallo's "one man show" (?).

Thank you!


Two pictures

In Sendai's Tower Records they had a big display for us.

In Shinjuku Tokyo (taken from Natsco's flickr)


Spin's most Jet-lagged Band of the Day

Hello Friends - Its around 5:30 in the morning. We got home from the European leg of the tour last night at around 8:00. I'm up, jet-lagged and doing my laundry while Seth, Erica and Danny are already on their way back to the airport to catch the first batch of flights to Japan. The rest of us will take off shortly. So wild.

Thanks to Spin for making us band of the day... yesterday (might have known if we weren't in an airplane suffering through National Treasure Two: Quest for the Ridiculous Plot Line).

Does anyone have Holiday plans cooking? I talked with my family over Thanksgiving and we're cooking up some sweet stuff. Excited to be homey.