Younger - New Message

Younger is Matt Joynt (Anathallo) and Ryan Daniel Hammer (Unwed Sailor, The Skull). The two began collaborating in 2007 after discovering a mutual interest in attempting forms of risk-taking that produce unhindered presence. Early performances with Lucky Dragons and High Places were about the naked terror and ecstasy of showing up without any songs. Whatever happened was an attempt to sonically mirror their internal experiences coming together. Over the past few years their sets have produced caverns of ricocheting sine waves and improvised mantra-like lyrical meditations. Other times they have been beat-heavy, dissonant, far out, and even embarrassing.

New Message is the culmination of a friendship spent entertaining the possibilities that unfold from a donʼt just do something, stand there approach to being. The record was written, recorded and mixed in an intensive week before Hammer relocated to San Francisco from Chicago in the summer of 2011. Each side of the LP contains an edited long-form improvisation born out of conversations about the elusive nature of meaning. The music - constructed mostly from analog synthesizers, a light-sensitive Theremin, and micro-edited vocal sampling - falls somewhere between the worlds of psychedelic drone and pop. Whereas “Iʼm Gonna Miss U So Bad” is a simple meditation that mourns and praises the inescapability of emotional attachment, the minimalistic beat of “New Message” lays the groundwork for heavily gated vocals to hover in the air, pulsing with easy-going levity.

New Message will be released 3.21.12 on Positive Beat Recordings.



Hey everyone. Just thought I'd give the heads up, I think I'll be writing over at eighteenforty from now on. I know it's been forever since I've put a word down but figured it'd be fun to give it a try.



Strange but true

Geoffrey Canada is the man, I heard him speak last year, learn more about him and what he does here.


Christmas 2009

Here's a song Erica and I worked on together a couple years back, thought a few out there might want to hear it. Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas.


Looking for some fun?

That fine fellow to the far left is none other than your old friend and mine, Andrew Dost. As previously mentioned, Andrew joined forces with Nate Ruess (from The Format) and Jack Antonoff (from Steel Train), formed this new project, and called it fun. They're new record, Aim and Ignite, came out Tuesday and they're currently zigzagging all over the country on tour (including a few Michigan dates). Check it out!


Return to the West

We've returned from the Far East and what wonderful time we had! We traveled to many familiar places but a few new ones as well. Some of the first-time highlights were: Kinkakuji, The Kamakura Daibutsu, Hachimangu Temple, a Tokyo Giants game, playing with Qurage and Sistertail.

It was also great to see some old friends. We were able to play with Buddhistson the first night of the tour. Our goods friends, who play in the band aie, were nice enough to pick us up at the airport and take us directly to our favorite ramen shop 角ふじ. I recommend this place if you ever find yourself just east of Tokyo. We were able to visit Stiff Slack record store and Tak helped put on a memorable show at KD Japon in Nagoya.

The trip couldn't have gone any better (unless it lasted for another month) and it's all thanks to Moor Works. Wonderful people, running a wonderful label. We're indebted to them for giving Anathallo an experience we won't forget for the rest of our lives. Getting back won't happen soon enough!

For some blogging about the tour by a few of our very close Japanese friends check out the links below.

aie blog
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This past tour was in support of a DVD documenting our December 2008 tour in Japan. If anyone thinks they would like to purchase a copy of the DVD I think we can get a few shipped over here. If you are interested please send an email to contact@anathallo.com.


Merce Cunningham

April 16, 1919 - July 26, 2009

“You have to love dancing to stick to it,” he once wrote. “It gives you nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to show on walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive.”


It's real

Get it here from anticon or here from amazon (although it's cheaper direct from anticon).
And in the UK here.