It all looks so familiar...



1. I finally have an apartment.
2. Which means I have a place for my things.
3. One of which is a computer.
4. That I'm using right now to type to you.
5. Yes really.

I was long lost. Hopefully it'll be alright adding another voice back in.

And a belated:

6. I have to be up in five hours... to be honest, I was just stopping by for a late night hello.
7. It's good to be in the neighborhood again.

Hello! Goodnight! Good morning!



Reminder for Tomorrow: HHC+T/DC+L= HRTZ FRVR

Planning on spending tomorrow night creating Simpsons tributes out of color-coded file folders on your desktop? Isn't that more of a Saturday morning thing? Everyone knows that Thursday is the new Friday! Lets have some fun perceiving the world!

Half Handed Cloud (Asthmatic Kitty recording artist from San Francisco)
Think/Dance Collective (Chicago IL)
Lake (from Olympia WA)

Lincoln Square Theatre
4754 N. Leavitt
Chicago IL

8 PM - 7 dollars


Leon's Beast in the Basement

"Do something every day, regardless. Nothing will happen unless you first initiate a process of cause and effect. This starts with an action. Reawaken the possibility of possibility. Reawaken it with play." - David Horvitz



Just in case you missed this afternoon's online "Daily Kiss" feature of Cosmo Girl:

Life is good. No, wait.

"If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few years it’s that a girl can never know too much about indie music. Think about it: When the littlest known bands make it big (and they often do) you can say you heard them first! Just look at The National. I saw them a few years ago when no one had heard of them and now they’re touring with R.E.M. and Modest Mouse and their songs have been featured on One Tree Hill . So stick with me ladies, and I’ll hook you up with the music you need to know. (I’ll even let you take credit for “discovering” them!)

Allow me to introduce you to Anathallo. While you may think you’ve never heard their music you probably have. Their song is featured in a commercial for Vicks Cough Medicine (the one where it’s raining Vicks drops). Okay, sure, it’s not the sexiest of products to be linked to but it makes sense. Anathallo’s sound is so soothing to the soul it’ll cure you of just about anything. They’re a big group—6 guys and one girl—and after seeing them live I’m totally hooked. Their live show is like a shot of happiness! So check them out okay? You'll be glad you did.

Features Editor"

PROM 2008!!!!

Have wonderful weekends everyone. We're all back home in Mount Pleasant for a few days... Nate has his recital tomorrow and we'll be playing a few songs (CALVIN COLLEGE STYLE) with trombone choir accompaniment. Including, perhaps, an unheard Canopy Glow track. Perhaps.

It's free and you're invited! And if you can't come, youtube is free and you'll eventually be invited. No promises (!) but that's the hope.

Take care.


European Adventures To Come

An exciting little announcement... we are now represented by Felix at Tout Par Tout booking in Europe. This is a very exciting for us, as they work with tons of our favorite artists. Looks like we'll be heading over for a full European escapade in late Summer/early Fall. Simply can't wait.

In other news - we're in Long Island at the Lacey abode. We watched this movie last night. Have you seen it? Woah. I found out (through the Donkey Kong community) that I am entitled to live in whatever mental universe that I choose. Isn't that great news? Have a happy meta-day.


Anathallo Presents: A live 'Encyclopedia Asthmatica' Collaboration

ATTN Chicago and surrounding areas: Anathallo is presenting a very special performance on Thursday April 24th.

Perhaps you are familiar with Asthmatic Kitty's new DVD-compilation, 'Encyclopedia Asthmatic,' and if so, you may be aware of a group called think/dance or its movement-based performances in response to the music of John Ringhofer (aka Half-Handed Cloud). Why were those women wearing shoes made of bread? You wonder, don't you? Why the brightly pill-colored sweat-suits? Why the log-pyramid, intense juice boxes slurping, and playful interpretation and re-possession of "Blame it on the Rain"-era dance movement? The matter clearly deserves further investigation. To further this end - Think/Dance and Half-Handed Cloud will perform together for the first time ever. To make the consistency of this already-syrupy sweetness even thicker, joining the two will be Olympia Washington's general merrymakers, Lake! Here's the info, hope you can make it!

Thursday April 24th @ 8 PM - 7 dollars
Lincoln Square Theatre, Berry UMC - 4754 N. Leavitt St., Chicago IL 60640
For more information - 989.330.3215