If Heidi and I made a band...

Heidi and I have had fantasies of opening a venue in our (future) backyard with tons of overgrown plants. We want to call it Secret Garden and host quiet/experimental/sincere artistic ventures. We dream of it being a little dinner party where people chip in, but we make tons of radical dishes. What could be better than music and food in harmony? Or even better, how about playing music WITH food? (Thanks Kim. Sister, it was too good not to hock!)


Timlin Posse... Going Green in '84

Joseph is a man that I had the good fortune of befriending in junior high. Way before it was trendy in the naive romanticism of 2007, he and his family (lots of siblings) lived on a farm. For the first few years, while they were building (by hand) their home, they all lived in a shed. To this day, neither the shed nor the home has electricity. Joseph made mention of - more than a few times - the difficulties involved in maintaining such a lifestyle. Every element of the day involves so much effort and thoughtfulness... so much planning. Perhaps this kind of intense involvement in the processes that determine our existence would push us into more mindfulness... more consciousness and thankfulness for the things that consume our days. Maybe, out of shear necessity, we would simplify our lifestyles and reassess our sense of need (ourselves and others). The collective we would be a lot happier... mentally and physically healthier. I'm not suggesting that we all move to the country and abandon our lives. If we all indulged our naive escapist romanticism the result could just be a different ecological disaster than the one that we face right now, and there is potential for urban environments to be viable/practical solutions to population-based land pollution. I'm just suggesting mindfulness where we are. Doesn't seem like it takes drastic leaps toward doing something or being somewhere other. A text I was reading reminded me to be weary of those kinds of inclinations/motivations... as they generally signify passing discontentment. It just takes a willingness to think and pay attention. The rest will follow. Hats off to the Timlins for taking time to think.

The Farm

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quality times

Mmm mmm mmm...

Just got back to Chicago. I'm 10 pounds heavy and warm in the heart from a visit with family and friends. What a time it was. Short but oh-so-sweet. I hope ya'll had a similar experience... I'm also really excited, because I got some RAM for me ol' computer. Couldn't figure out how to install it, so I've been exploring other potential uses. See below:

ps - there were lots of cameras flashing at the potluck. anyone got pics?



Sparrows originally had an eighth track...

(I'm serious)

...and this would be it.

Merry Christmas from 2003 everyone!!!


Crop Circles in the Carpet

My friend Chris posted this... had to repost. She must be an alien. It's the only explanation.

Leave all hopelessness aside. Merry Christmas.


Last Minute Potluck Tonight!

It's been a while since I've seen lots of friends... sort of a hectic fall. Tonight we're throwing a last minute potluck at our place. Come on over, bring a dish (nothing fancy is necessary).

7:30 PM
4702 N. Beacon unit 3
Chicago, IL

call me if you have questions (989)330-3215

See you later!



Heard two songs recently that were really arresting for different reasons. You've probably already heard 'em, but in case you haven't...

Beach House - Gila
This song is so gorgeous. I feel like a baby in front of the stove. I want to touch it so badly, but it hurts. It officially comes out in February I think (?) on a record called Devotion.

Barr - Context Ender
Favorite song I've heard this year. Calling all psych bands using the word healing to describe your music... take some notes from Mr. Fowler. This song really has a healing/empowering effect because it taps into these humiliatingly human expressions.




Wait. If your exams ARE done my college student friends, it's time to celebrate!...

(and not just with the last post - I can do better than dark humor)

Here's a new song - Tower of Babel - as recorded by Jonathan Bukiewicz at Moody College last month. I don't know how he captured the audio so cleanly, but there was a moment where I wondered if our album had leaked. Pretty neat, I think.


(not album art)


Also also: I might have received a Christmas present early. And it might be a phone that doesn't work on T-Mobile without being hacked... I'll give you three guesses.

This a looooooongshot but if anyone is interested, there is a website called Cell Swapper. It allows you to post your current phone contract and potentially meet someone interested in taking it over for you.

Why it is a good idea for me: I wouldn't be paying my friends at T-Mobile $200 to say goodbye.

Why it is a good idea for you (a general "you"): It allows you to take over a contract without paying activation fees and get a decent phone without spending decent phone money (or any money at all). If for some reason you are wandering the desert of life without a cellphone contract and have always wanted a blackberry pearl for free, you might give a thought to clicking here.

Okay, enough business. Hope you liked the song! And enjoy your weekend - especially those of you who deserve it.


If they are, celebrate!!!

And if not, at least you're not:

(a) drunk
(b) a fully-clothed wannabe stripper
(c) caught on youtube
(d) all of the above

(this is only eighteen seconds long - I SWEAR it's worth a click)

(and no, it doesn't get gross)

(except her jeans are probably a little too tight)

(okay, I mean she's kind of gross)

(and her dancing is PG-13)

(but she's fully clothed)

(and I would feel pretty okay about sharing this with my parents)

(which... I guess I am!)





June - December in Photos

I was thinking of doing 2007 year in review via my camera phone, but I got a new one in May, so it would be more of a half year in review (shoot). Does this makes sense to do? I don't think so but I'll do it anyway (I'm feeling bad about my lack of updates).

Matt and Jamie get soaked during a lunch break one day at practice.

Bret tries his best to oust Jer from behind the drum throne (it was a failed coup).

Going no handed on the bike, most likely on the way to practice (don't try this at home).

On the train platform with new kicks (via Israel) on my way to Tim and Jenny's wedding.

I think we nearly ate an entire package of these bad boys in one sitting.

Ryan has a birthday (with blazing white lights to illuminate).

Bush and Kerry duke it out at Berry UMC.

Matt was probably reading us poetry to inspire.

Bret working on some melodious tunes.

Despite the assurance on the label I decided to pass (I was skeptical).

Things get dark sometimes.

A rainbow above the rooftops.

Yes, that's Snoop.

What? I decided to pass on this one too.

I think my parents warned me about this stuff when I was a kid.

So over Thanksgiving I realized that Bret's Grandpa and my Grandpa were in a fraternity together at the University of Michigan in the early 50's (Bret's Grandpa is top middle). Think it's a coincidence that Bret and I are supposed to be in a band together? Yeah, I didn't think so either, you can't deny destiny.

Snow fell upon snow at my Grandma's over thanksgiving.

Early December we find ourselves with a completed record (this one is actually from Bret's phone).

Technology can be amazing. Thanks Motorola.