Trash and Fakers

So, as you maybe have noticed by now, we're nursing this newborn YOU-ME-GO puppy blog on whatever garbage it will consume by way of a click to ye ol' 'publish' button (which, thankfully, happens to be anything). To continue with our zany and crazy anything goes approach, I'd like to share two new discoveries. The first of which is the work of Tim Noble and Sue Webster. As ps1 informs me, "Partners in both life and art, Tim Noble (1966) and Sue Webster (1967) explore the toxic influences of consumer culture through new modes of portraiture. Turning garbage into complex and visually arresting sculptural installations, Noble and Webster exploit, manipulate and transform base materials, often using self-portraiture to undermine the celebrated” authorship of the artist."

The second saucy treat comes from choreographer Morgan Thorson and her piece Faker, which I accidentally saw a few months ago here in Chicago at Links Hall (while trying to see a performance by Molly Shanahan... Molly, where were you?). This is one of those "stumble across something amazing and the unplanned nature of the event puts your reaction over the top" sort of things. However, I believe that she is one of the most original, thoughtful, well-balanced living artists. The craft and execution of her vision for "Faker" was incredible. My sister (a choreographer), brother (a composer), and I agreed that it was the best experience we've ever had with art... period. There you have it, what else can I say. See it.


Adam Nerland said...

Speaking of "stumble across something amazing and the unplanned nature of the event puts your reaction over the top"... I was smitten at the magnitude of you guys' ("you guyzes?" "y'all's?" The English language could really use a proper plural "you.") set at the Sufjanathallo show. So... good job.

Adam Nerland said...

And that trash art is pretty awesome. I've never seen anything like that before. That looks... impossible.

...its not you, its your narrative said...

wow, thanks adam. we really appreciate that, and owe it all the Nate Sandberg my brother and former Thallo. He did all the arrangements... I'm trying to track down a recording of the event.

cory isaac said...

that is the most beautiful trash that i have ever seen. .

there was a sufjanathallo show? i'm glad i wasn't there. my head may have exploded.

and adam... english doesn't do second person plural possessives well. you have to use the simple "your" or in this case "anathallo's".

Casey said...

i'm glad i found your blog.
you guys inspire me.