"Mother and Child Reunion" turned "Everything together sooner or later falls apart"

I think that there is a certain reservoir of melody that you’re born with… and in the beginning, you draw from that. And after a relatively short while, you use it up. Now the question is “Will you be an imitator of who you were and continue to say, musically and lyrically, the things that made you popular… or will you feel uncomfortable with that?” I always felt uncomfortable with that, so I didn’t. That is what made me feel that it was fine to pursue music that I liked. –Paul Simon

After finding out that Paul Simon was scheduled to play Milwaukee's 2007 Summer Fest the same day as Anathallo, I ran what some might call "hot laps" around my apartment. There really isn't another artist that I want to talk with as much as Mr. Simon and I was prepared to fling myself forward in the unadulterated embarrassment of full on geek-out. The records "Rhythm of the Saints" and "Graceland" are so incredible, how could I not? Unfortunately, what I thought might become my only chance to ask my million questions has turned slightly bum-town. We were skeptical when we realized that his name wasn't on the official site, but were naively reassured by postings in Billboard and Rolling Stone. Well, as he states, "Everything put together sooner or later falls apart, there's nothing to it." However, in honor of the possibility of (ho-hum) someday... check out this in depth (hour long!) interview that he did with Charlie Rose upon being the fist recipient of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song!

More stats:
12 Grammys
3 for "Album of the Year"
2003 Lifetime Achievement Award
Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame (solo and as 'Simon and Garfunkel')
Songwriters' Hall of Fame
2003 Kennedy Center Honors
2006 "100 People Who Shape Our World" Time Magazine
1st American to perform in Post-Apartheid South Africa (By the invitation of Nelson Mandela)

"Boy in the Bubble"

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margaret-who at some point had a blog but can't remember the password said...

"graceland" is probably one of the greatest albums i've ever heard. if i didn't have dial-up, i would totally watch that charlie rose clip, but i'll just pretend it's amazing. i wish i lived near milwaukee, so i could see you guys and paul simon in the same day.