Day 7 - Video Update

Here's a little taste of what Bret and Jamie have been working on.


Isaac said...

Where are you guys recording? I like the natural light

BW said...

Engine Studios in Chicago!

There are plenty of windows and all the coca cola you can drink (diet coke plus, too). It's wonderful.

On the internet:

Anonymous said...

that was worth watching just to see Matt in those shorts. i miss you boys.

Stephen (your Indiana friend)

tittom said...

really guys, THAT IS AWESOME.
i saw you in Montreal with Brand New and really, you made me run to the record store, jump on the information guy and almost yell frenetically «Doo you have Anathallo's Floating World.»

And that's about it. AWESOME.
Keep up doing great music. there could never be enough wooden blocks. Haha.

Hunter Beauchamp said...

Is this where we ask our questions to be answered in the "mailbag." If so, then I'll ask you this question (and if not, email me at unterhey@gmail.com):

I love your music. It really sounds like nothing else I've ever heard and is very refreshing. I write music myself, and am really curious as to how you think up your songs and what your songwriting process is, if there is one.

Thanks and be sure to come to Dallas, Texas, the next time you go on tour, if you can help it.

See ya!

julia gulia said...

slooooo moooooo

ps. i just found out you guys are playing with hey mercedes soon.

i'm completely envious of chicago.

Nicky said...

That is absolutely amazing. It makes my heart smile.

PS I wish you weren't so busy at this current moment as I will be headed into town this weekend to see The Foooooormat.

Bret-Smackey sends his love.

marahe said...

the beginning is like recording underwater.
maybe for the next record.

Kristin Brownsword said...

wow! no Saturday night postings this week?! ;)

BW said...

can you believe I was actually out on a Saturday night??