"Anathallo is working on a new album."

That was the sentence that AbsolutePunk posted yesterday on their Music Mends Broken Hearts empire. It's a lovely sentence, no? Succinct and powerful.

It's also the sentence that quadrupled our blog hits yesterday.

I feel an introduction is long overdue! (No, seriously - we had a Labor Day picnic in the park yesterday and I had no idea this was happening... there would have been so many more strange pictures and random videos left waiting if I had known we had so many new guests coming through the door.)

The following are facts as presented in the form of a cordial greeting.

Hello! We are Anathallo.

You are visiting our Internet Web Log of Charm. The long winded title of this electronic outpost still remains "Your Happy Makes Me Go Oldies." However, its multi-syllabic nature does little to impress at dinner parties. Hence, the YOU-ME-GO turn this site has taken! Welcome.

The great news: we are recording a new album right now. There are a handful of updates towards the middle of the page for your perusal - start in the blog archive at "Day 1" and make your way up! We plan on having our ten songs finished by mid-October and that will be just in time for us to take the record to The Land Where Dreams Come True aka the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival. There we'll see if any labels are interested in becoming our very best friends and showering us with gifts (namely, better distribution and the means with which to send my great grandkids to college).

If not, then we'll probably be headed for a fairly early 2008 self-release through Artist Friendship. Both sound pretty good to us, actually.

The not so terrible news : as you read this, we are taking a short break from the studio. You can see this isn't terrible news but it does make for slightly awful timing. What updates can I surprise you with until this weekend? What presents can you unwrap that won't leave you slightly disinterested? Well here, let me start.

For fans of Phil Collins, gorillas, and Cadbury's Dairy Milk:

I think it is every writer's temptation to post something and then insist that it be watched more than once. Perhaps you will trust me, though, when I say the video is better the second time around. And quite possibly the third time.

Also: for those of you unitiated to the ways of YOU-ME-GO. This all... is fairly random. Matt posted very early on that the blog is our puppy and we plan on feeding it whatever we want. Done and done.

And done:

(alright - I have no idea)

There is also a fairly delicate balance that we've been trying to achieve lately. You probably came here not wanting so much to know about Phil Collins-inspired gorillas and leprechaun sightings in the south. It's more than likely that you saw the word "Anathallo" and clicked. In some way, you'd like to know what we're up to.... which means we shouldn't ALWAYS trap our reader friends with the utterly random and inane (see: Britney Spears and my last post). Like I said, this is a blog of charm.

And really, what could be more charming than Anathalloween? With no real studio news to give at the moment, we're dipping back into the GREATEST HITS VAULT CIRCA 2006:


It strikes me that this post could be teetering on the brink of youtube overload. I'm going to take a step back - there's still one more clip I want to share and it's self-indulgent (i.e. SPORTS RELATED) - so we'll wait until the very end for your last video treasure.

THE HASTILY WRITTEN WEEKEND UPDATE: we were able to see both our friends The Format and Brand New play over the weekend. We all share the same management and that made for fun times and free shows. Andrew Dost is on tour right now playing flugal horn for The Format and he will be playing some spectacular solo shows soon (alliteration please).

shown: Andrew Dost with fan

You can click here for more details and Christopher Columbus related-tunes.


In a shameless attempt to get you to come back later this week, I will share this: my girlfriend and I had a thoroughly wonderful conversation with Jesse Lacey on Sunday (ALL TOGETHER NOW: OMG). We talked about science and the universe. I will put up the highlights soon. I will say this, though - I was having trouble keeping up. This blog has talked cats that can predict death and scientists that have solved checkers and they were no match.


If you don't like sports (particularly football), this post just probably ended for you. I'm not even going to attempt to describe what happens in the video. However. Repeated physical feats of greatness, I feel, are few and far between... and in this case, I could not care less that what you're about to witness (IF YOU SO CHOOSE) occured in high school. Sam McGuffie is probably in class right now. That doesn't change how I feel about the moment with 2:15 left below.

Football as inspiration. Perhaps.

Either way, though, thanks for stopping by. And if you've made it this far, maybe you'll think about coming back. To the rest of the YOU-ME-GO faithful, thanks as always. Perhaps this is also a blog of gratitude.



Eric M said...

I love how happy that one guy looks when he says "who all seen the leprechaun say yeah!" He looks at the camera with such a sense of accomplishment. Good for him.

Also I recognize you halloween head danny. I need to get that footage developed.

BW said...

did your brother invite you into his fantasy football league? have you signed up yet???


Joshua Buckley (Peabody) said...

Have you seen the Leprechaun Rap Video?

I would just embed it but blogger.com wont let me.

So you will have to copy and paste for the best companion video to the leprechaun sighting video:


BW said...

oh. my. word.

julia gulia said...

1 - damn youtube countdown for me instead of counting up. but i'm guessing you meant the part where he got completely hit and KEPT GOING. wow.

2 - http://www.efterklang.net/
they make me think of anathallo.

3 - I GO SEE THE FORMAT ON FRIDAY! (and Andrew. yay!)

4 - fantasy football?? i'm playing EPL fantasy football but i think you mean american :P (broncos ftw)

theeee ennddd.

no wait. kristin is awesome cause she said i could stay with her if i came to chicago. your fans are nicer than you are. she's never even met me, you probably don't remember me; so it's probably equal... ;)

Anonymous said...

bw eats rotisserie chicken in the van. thats almost as random as when i brought immitation crab meat to cornerstone.

brackattack said...

That you tube video of us makes us look like a ska band.

Anonymous said...

if all i owned was luminous, i'd think you were borderline ska. experimental ska? otherwise known as ska-goes-marsvolta-goes-dctalk.

uh.. what?

Anonymous said...

ah, and if you throw some dead dog humor in there, you have "daniel amos".

Kristin Brownsword said...

Julia is so right. Kristin is amazing!! AND so humble about it! ;)

Yeah, I don't know which is better, Brett trying to play the xylaphone-like instrument as a ghost, or Matt's, uhhhhhh, leggy costume. Both are fairly spectacular.