This will have to be real quick. Let's see if I can do finish the post in four sentences.

I thought this was even more weird than it's supposed to be. Maybe because it's easy to take Lost so seriously. But these people shouldn't be laughing! And they are!

And this is my fifth sentence - we had a mixing meltdown, it is fixed, day one begins in an hour.


Anonymous said...

Lockes face in the first scene he appears in is so wonderful!


ps. its fenceswemended. i forgot the password. way to go.

Kristin Brownsword said...

kitna posts short ebays.

Kristin Brownsword said...

PS - you kids talking about an Anathalloween 2007? :)

Nicky said...

"There's a bear here..."

Oh Billy Boyd, you are clever trickster.

I guess you're not so funny now that you're dead though, hmmmm? Who's laughing now Charlie?