Case in point:

Me: "Show me something funny."
Studio Intern Dane: "Type in 'Mr. T' and 'treat your mother right' - you'll laugh."
Me: "Okay."

And I did. As always, sharing is caring.

More sharing:

We have a new friend from across the sea - Kevin - and he runs both the Big Scary Monsters Recording Company and the appropriately titled Blog Scary Monsters. Ha! Apparently, he also cares and shares and wouldn't mind us passing along that a free download (FREE) of the band "House of Brothers" can be had by clicking here. It could very well be your cup of tea.

And if you'd like more tea, but of a different variety!... I was thinking about Colour Revolt tonight. They're recording right now, too, and the following is going to be a shameless youtube dump. You know, you just miss your friends sometimes. So you click on their facebook pictures. Maybe you scroll through their walls. Even think about sending ill-conceived pokes at late hours of the night. Who can say? But instead... you settle for typing their name into the internet and seeing what's out there. The first three - each are under a minute - so click away if you were worried about the following being a half hour blog commitment. And the last... well, it was a hard one to leave it out. Enjoy enjoy:

(and by "enjoy enjoy," I mean, "colour revolt" seems to inspire the bizarre and violent)




I'm not sure if there's a theme here.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd. I think that's it!



CR - patrick said...

you can poke us anytime. see ya saturday!

sean o'kane said...

i hope you guys and cr all go crazy like that on saturday
and i hope i can make it

fenceswemended said...

oh no! imagine how many times that leap into the car did not succeed... ouch!

Josh said...

I just saw the Vicks commercial at 11:28 PM on Saturday, 27 October 2007 on WGN. Way to go, fellas (and whatever the female, singular form of fella is)! Oh, did they ever tell you how they came about using your music for the commercial?