You work and you work and you work... but when it finally happens? When you finally get there?

It's all worth it.

Whatever it took to get the top.


Can you I tell you about my week?

I've been working for bioStrategies the last few days. It is eleven dollars an hour and all of my co-workers are wonderful. We even had an office birthday to celebrate yesterday in the conference room (and no one else at work had watched The Office last week... it was four berry birthday cobbler and organic vanilla ice cream) and another to look forward to tomorrow (again, Jim's idea last episode was pretty much the worst idea ever - I am living proof).

Which means I'm pretty much this guy. Before the promotion, of course.

But what exactly do I do for a company where "commercialization strategies for biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical devices companies" are their specialty?

I have my own office.
I sit at a desk.
I power up my laptop.
I get a cup of coffee from the lounge (BREAKFAST BLEND).
I open up my spreadsheet of doctor names.
I enter their names into the doctor search at Vimo.
I enter their phone and fax numbers back into the spreadsheet.

And that is my day. I did that for seven hours on Tuesday! And another five and a half yesterday.

Tedious, for sure. Mind-numbing at times? Probably. Still great temp work? Definitely.

Do I understand more of the 8-5 day and it's correlation to how much television I want to watch when I get home. ABSOLUTELY!

Last night I spent the evening in the company of Pushing Daisies, Private Practice (so lame, I don't care), and Dirty Sexy Money (ha ha ha). And then I went to bed!

But tonight... tonight there will be treasures:

MJ showed this to me months ago... and now Menomena is playing five blocks from my apartment. Perfect!

And how am I getting into said show? Well, we'll leave that up to some great friends from across the city. Maybe you've seen them play with us? Sybris is opening up the show (they just recorded their new cd! it must be in the air, right? us, them, colour revolt, and javelins - all busy bees!) and they are fantastic.

Friends forever:

And now I am off to work!

Have beautiful days, all of you.


julia gulia said...

no i do not know the song you're talking about. what is it? you got me curious and i can't find anything online about it.

Scott Hendricks said...


A few summers ago I worked a 40hr week. I, too, had no energy for anything but television. It made me marvel at my mother's ability to play with me and parent me after work for 18 years.

Maybe if we didn't have TVs at home we would find other relaxing things to do instead . . . like sleep? Yeah, maybe we'd go to bed earlier and get up earlier, so that the most exciting part of our day would be in the morning? Who knows . . . ?

Devin said...

Hm, I thought I saw you and Seth there. I should have said hey. Stellar show though huh? Illinois was a pleasant treat too... My ears are killing though, as I was standing literally 3 feet away from Danny's kick, which I didn't realize would be positioned so close to the edge of the stage. Ah well, fantastic night all around though.

Adam said...


thats amazing. i would love to see them live.

julia gulia said...

oh anddddd i agree that sitting at a computer all days makes you never want to go near a computer again. i often find myself choosing the tv over the computer if i have nothing else to do.

ps. just for fun here is my show list (i usually end up watching them online anyway..but that's like.. passive computer stuff) -

Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Ugly Betty, Samantha Who, Pushing Daisies, Heroes, Chuck, The Office, Gossip Girl and Reaper.. and that's only american tv.
(I can't help loving escaping reality I guess)

Anonymous said...

you just made me fall in love with them.