--I like starting posts with pictures. And I like this picture! Just one of the many highlights from our mini-tour out to CMJ and back--

Hello again! Not too much to add this afternoon. We play in a few hours at Moody College and I thought I'd drop in for a little bit until the van comes to pick me up.

A van with friends in it (and not boxes).

First of all, an apology to the entire state of Indiana. Or well, specifically those of you in Muncie or who were planning to drive to the bustling metropolis this past Friday. We had been booked to play the Isotope Music Festival last night... but due to, well - extenuating circumstances? - we were unable to play. And by unable to play, I mean we were taken off the show. If you frequent our myspace at all, you might have come across this. Not the style I'm used to writing in but I think it was an alright frustration. Or, at least, an understandable one. Since then, Friend Promoter (Josh) finally did make contact. A number of miscommunications, to be sure, but this can be a lesson to you fledgling future promoters:

(1) it's important, when you book bands, to get a hold of them
(2) if you feel an e-mail has gone unanswered, the appropriate response is to call the booking agent or member of the band
(3) not answering anyone's phone calls the week prior to the show is probably a bad idea

So there you have it. What good could have possibly come from this? Well, let me tell you:

In the aforementioned not-so-slightly-frustrated-myspace-post, I mentioned that there was a part of me really looking forward to Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie.


But also, I received some pretty great suggestions. Besides Transformers and Emperor's New Groove (outstanding, I'm sure, in their own right) most people had the same two pieces of advice.

The (perhaps) unfortunately titled "Wristcutters: A love Story"

(I think it looks completely fantastic)

and Sean Penn's inspired "Into the Wild."

I thought I would pass them along! I hope that's alright with you.

And finally, to tie in the title of this post (whom have I compared so far? what has been contrasted?), I present two dishes of equal grandeur and opulence.

The first, New York City's newly crowned most expensive dessert in the world. Take a look at the planet's first $25,000 chocolate sundae.

And no less intrepid... feast your eyes on the McDonald's pizza. (I know I can't make you click on any of these links... but honestly, especially for this one, seeing is believing)

Don't think I didn't try this one out, either.

That's our attempt, pre-cheese and pre-oven. I really can't emphasize how wonderful the above link is. And of course, you don't even need to ask how great this tasted. Or how angry my 25 year old heart was with me.

I think that's it, though! Consider yourself inspired.

And of course, enjoy the weekend!


Kristin Brownsword said...

well, now you know the secret - if you make another bet involving big macs, turn it all into a pizza!

julia gulia said...

zomg patrick fugit that one (wristcutters) looks awesome!

i have nothing to contribute with my comments anymore.

dereK said...

i once wrote a rap about mcdonalds.

all i got going
for me in life
is my homies to the left
and my piece on the right.
i got it cocked back
while im rolling through the hood.
ready to bust a cap
like a true gangsta would.
i never be frontin'
i always keep it real.
i still live at home
so my mom pays all my bills.

i got a part time job
working at mickey ds.
would you like fries
with that 1/4 pounder with cheese?
for another dollar
you could get the combo.
keep eating all this shit
you'll never look like Rambo.
so tell my what you wish for,
im your drive through genie.
your making it vanish
like you were Houdini.
so this is the end of my rhyme
i hope you like how i spit.
oh and by the way...
bitch, im lovin' it.

ah....simpler times.

fenceswemended said...

Has anyone ever eaten dessert pizza?
If not, you haven't really lived...

Jeff Simmermon said...
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Mr. Bojangles said...

If I hadn't just watched Supersize Me, I think I might have been tempted by the McPizza.

I can feel my arteries clogging just by looking at the picture.