June - December in Photos

I was thinking of doing 2007 year in review via my camera phone, but I got a new one in May, so it would be more of a half year in review (shoot). Does this makes sense to do? I don't think so but I'll do it anyway (I'm feeling bad about my lack of updates).

Matt and Jamie get soaked during a lunch break one day at practice.

Bret tries his best to oust Jer from behind the drum throne (it was a failed coup).

Going no handed on the bike, most likely on the way to practice (don't try this at home).

On the train platform with new kicks (via Israel) on my way to Tim and Jenny's wedding.

I think we nearly ate an entire package of these bad boys in one sitting.

Ryan has a birthday (with blazing white lights to illuminate).

Bush and Kerry duke it out at Berry UMC.

Matt was probably reading us poetry to inspire.

Bret working on some melodious tunes.

Despite the assurance on the label I decided to pass (I was skeptical).

Things get dark sometimes.

A rainbow above the rooftops.

Yes, that's Snoop.

What? I decided to pass on this one too.

I think my parents warned me about this stuff when I was a kid.

So over Thanksgiving I realized that Bret's Grandpa and my Grandpa were in a fraternity together at the University of Michigan in the early 50's (Bret's Grandpa is top middle). Think it's a coincidence that Bret and I are supposed to be in a band together? Yeah, I didn't think so either, you can't deny destiny.

Snow fell upon snow at my Grandma's over thanksgiving.

Early December we find ourselves with a completed record (this one is actually from Bret's phone).

Technology can be amazing. Thanks Motorola.


Kristin B said...

Nice recap! Thanks for sharing.

Bret's grandpa's still a cutie, by the way.

marahe said...

that fraternity thing is bandannas.
oh and bret's grandpa is toooootally adorable, even if he doesn't believe in global warming.
where's your grandpa?