Last Minute Potluck Tonight!

It's been a while since I've seen lots of friends... sort of a hectic fall. Tonight we're throwing a last minute potluck at our place. Come on over, bring a dish (nothing fancy is necessary).

7:30 PM
4702 N. Beacon unit 3
Chicago, IL

call me if you have questions (989)330-3215

See you later!


Kristin B said...

Those pots are pretty lucky. I left the cookies there. Eat up!

...its not you, its your narrative said...

Kristin, you and your sister totally rocked the house at the potluck. I was so glad you came! What a night right? Perfect amount of people, great food, great fun! Have a great holiday. Thanks again for making the uptown trek.

Hannah said...

Merry Christmas Anathallo! Don't update too much! I don't want to miss anything fun/important and I'm going back home to the land of dial-up internet. :)
Seriously, I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas.