Wait. If your exams ARE done my college student friends, it's time to celebrate!...

(and not just with the last post - I can do better than dark humor)

Here's a new song - Tower of Babel - as recorded by Jonathan Bukiewicz at Moody College last month. I don't know how he captured the audio so cleanly, but there was a moment where I wondered if our album had leaked. Pretty neat, I think.


(not album art)


Also also: I might have received a Christmas present early. And it might be a phone that doesn't work on T-Mobile without being hacked... I'll give you three guesses.

This a looooooongshot but if anyone is interested, there is a website called Cell Swapper. It allows you to post your current phone contract and potentially meet someone interested in taking it over for you.

Why it is a good idea for me: I wouldn't be paying my friends at T-Mobile $200 to say goodbye.

Why it is a good idea for you (a general "you"): It allows you to take over a contract without paying activation fees and get a decent phone without spending decent phone money (or any money at all). If for some reason you are wandering the desert of life without a cellphone contract and have always wanted a blackberry pearl for free, you might give a thought to clicking here.

Okay, enough business. Hope you liked the song! And enjoy your weekend - especially those of you who deserve it.


dereK said...

absolutely perfect.

plus being able to come home from my final finals (redundant much?) to find this is just amazing.

hope everyone has a great and lovely holiday

brownpants. said...

hi! just so i'm sure to give due credit, tower of babel was actually recorded by moody radio and i got it through e-mail. i would have loved to have taken credit, but i don't think i would have slept well :)

Mr. Eding said...

You guys do my heart good. I appreciate you as much more than just musicians.

Bradley John said...

Oh the things that you guys could do for me!
First of all, come to CA to my house for a home-cooked meal. Christmas?
Second, Give a private show in my backyard...
3, i dunno, let me use your songs in my short.
4, etc.

In return, I'll give Matt his sweater back.