Hello blogspotters!... I thought I'd look for an excuse to put up a
post so you wouldn't have to keep being greeted by the MacBook Air
(agreed, friendly commenters - it's pretty but it's also pretty much
not what I would buy if I had eighteen hundred dollars begging to be

(although kudos to you early adopters)

(and I'm sure if I had enough loose change, I would join you)

What am I up to? I'm at the airport.

Why am I writing to you from my phone in an airport? Because I slept
through my alarm, found a later flight, and will be sitting at Gate D2
for the next five hours. Sweet Chicago home, here I come. Eventually.

In the meantime, I thought we could keep each other company! (the
"you" in this particular "we" can be a passive one).

Let me catch you up. And by catch up, I mean "type whatever comes into
my head until I can't think of anything else."

(can you tell I'm typing from my phone? there's less editing and more
asides - like this one - more parentheses and quotes)

(I will work on this)

(starting now)

I've skipped out on enough of the northern winter and am heading back
to single digit degrees. I'm also heading back to all things Anathallo
- WE'RE GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!! - and that sounds really
great to me. I was thinking about it last night... but I don't know if
we've taken this long of a break in half a decade. Intense, maybe? But
if there was ever a time to get away, get our minds right, it was now.
I'm so excited to see everyone. And to be headed to the UK. And SXSW
in the spring (South by Southwest, for those of you abbreviatedly
disinclined). And to be heading out with _______ (maybe!) a little bit
afterwards. Hopefully we can fill in that blank for you soon enough.

But right. This all feels good. It's been important to me to get my
bearings again, to feel sorted out. The record is coming out soon,
we'll be touring, and I think this whole go-around will be more
enjoyable because we were able to catch our (collective) breath.

Why haven't I been posting? No, I didn't trade you all in for Madden
football (my ranking reached 50, I put down the controller, and that
was it). No, I have been writing but nothing has been coming out
right. One post, especially, was just entirely too sentimental. Maybe
if i can fix it I'll put it up this week. If you go to Manchester's
myspace and read their post about our UK tour... well. What Andy wrote
was just entirely... it was very nice. Look at me -still - it's been a
week and all I can manage is "it was very nice."

It meant a lot. If I can manage more, I'll be sure to post.

I'm also still waiting a couple days to put up Cloverfield thoughts.
If you're going to see it, the less context the better.

What else, what else... If anyone else was watching the debate (Josh?)
on Monday, I'm sure you can imagine. I was literally out of my seat. I
don't think I had ever seen anything like it (maybe when I get to a
computer, I can link and youtube everything I'm writing about)... the
first fifteen minutes were out of control and from everything I can
find online, you pretty much came out of it feeling stronger about
your candidate. Depending on your favorite senator, you could make a
case for each winning. Except Hillary. JUST KIDDING. I suppose the
narrative can only be written once the votes are cast and there's a
winner. Then we can figure out what it all meant. It was just wild,

And Heath Ledger, of course. But there, too... I have nothing to add.
It's sad and it's sad that my response is mainly abstract. I think
that's why I have nothing to say... I don't want to follow this story
with a strange sense of... I don't know how to put it. I don't want to
treat it like a story. A macabre form of entertainment. I want to
leave it as sad.

I don't know if that makes sense.

Okay. On that, I'm going to think I'll end this (strange little)
airport update. There's a chic-fil-a around and I'm pretty sure that's
the finest southern meal I could hope to leave on.

And if anything else exciting happens here in the next three hours,
I'll be sure to let you know.





sean o'kane said...

your thumbs must be exhausted. sxsw is going to be so rad this year, too bad it's the week BEFORE my final spring break.

do you guys have dates in the works for a US tour? or is that still too far off?

marahe said...

oh bret....

BW said...

This all has a Peter King "aw shucks" feel to it. Oh well.

Sean, I think we're still a few weeks away from having anything to announce. We're working on it, though!

Josh Peabody said...

I was both hurt and excited by the debate. Taking swings is all well and good, I enjoy the red meat, but after a while it was sad. I agree with the Hillary thing. I will vote for her in the general if I must but I cant do it in the primary.

Josh Buckley

Kristin B said...

Welcome back to posting, Bret! Glad you're back (and back in Chicago, too!)!

Chick-fil-A rocks. When I go visit my sister in GA, we buy Chick-fil-A and sneak it into the movies.

Potluck soon, pretty please? Like before England? :)

Wade Jones said...

Some how I feel that the macbook air was a jab aimed directly towards me, and if so well played old friend.

But I blame you for all things mac in my life and for that you are a good man.

sean o'kane said...

that's so exciting, didn't think it would be that close!

can't wait (cough*nyc*cough)

Shannon said...

sadly I never had a chance to have chic-fil-a since I didn't go to the south until I became a vegetarian.
I am glad that you guys are getting back together though. It makes me giddy with excitement. You need to come back to Lupos in Providence RI as soon as possible. I go to school in New Hampshire though so try to make it a weekend, okay? :]

Honor said...

Chic-fil-A is the best.
Looking forward to seeing you at Messiah this weekend. Six of my friends and I are driving up from West Virginia to see it.

Anonymous said...

CHICK FIL A! CHICK FIL A! CHICK FIL A! also-- not fair. but at least we got to go to the HEADQUARTERS and MEET TRUETT CATHY together... and nothing gets better than that.
Welcome back to the great white north. its freaking cold, can you please bring some of that warm GA sun with you on your way?

stephen said...

I see that you're coming to Messiah College to play tonight. I've heard the name of your band before, but don't know much else about you. But it's a free show, so I'm going to make the ten-minute trek out to see you. See ya in a few.

Nicky said...

The Democratic debates make me cry. NOTHING gets accomplished. Everyone is so busy bashing eachother that the issues are bypassed. Edwards seems to be the only one that wants to get down to business. The Republican debates are surprisingly well-mannered and civil, even pleasant to watch. Personally, I voted for Ron Paul in the Michigan primaries since my only option on the Democratic side was Hillary, and even then my vote doesn't count.

julia gulia said...

chik-fil-a is only in the south?? we have it in Colorado...

i'm the only one of my friends that liked Cloverfield.

i have to admit when i heard O'Bama's speech for South Carolina my eyes welled up. He's an amazing speaker.

and finally; RELEASE AND TOUR DATES! i neeeeddd themmmm. ;)