Happy Belated New Years! Not too much to post from me today (my mind, I think, is still slightly on vacation) but it is Iowa Caucus Day... which, depending on who you are, could be terribly exciting (ME) or just another blustery winter day (MAYBE YOU).

Or it could be your birthday (MY DAD).

But yes, since tonight is the Iowa Caucus and all I do when I wake up is check the news... well. Hmmmm. I have thoughts. Of course I have thoughts. I'm just not sure how much I should share here. Everyone has political thoughts... and I would hate for his blog to devolve into:

me: I don't get Ron Paul at all.
the internet: WHAT.
me: really, I don't.
the internet (perhaps even anonymously): YOU HATE THE CONSTITUTION!
me: but I like the constitution... it's a noble document.

And that would be that. The internet and I would be at war.

(and please please please - I know that was unfair, that was really unfair of me - everyone likes their candidates, everyone has their reasons... and some are just a little louder about their like than others)

(says the blogger who shares Obama videos every few weeks)

(what?! here's another one?)

It looks like I pretty much took my thoughts and shared them.

So yes. That's that. If you're in Iowa tonight, have fun! I will have fun here doing google news searches.

Happy 08!


...its not you, its your narrative said...

woot woot! thanks bret, great post. if people stop liking us for our ideas we're onto something.

like.a.cannon said...

Hey, its my birthday! And yes, I am rather proud to be born on Iowa Caucus day.(as well as sharing it with the one and only Victor Borge) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY6kElOYcd8

Kristin B said...


Happy bday to Mr. Wallin and like.a.cannon, too!

sean o'kane said...

you're not alone on ron paul. i love what he stands for and the message he's getting across, but when it comes down to it his ideas are still too radical to be realistic.