(if you can't tell by the pictures, our showgoing nights have cut into our sightseeing opportunities)

(and by "showgoing nights," I mean "Lucas, Nathan, and Dan Scott marathons")

(okay, I mean both)

(perhaps a Manchester Orchestra tour video will be coming your way tomorrow?)

Happy Valentines Day all!

Especially Sarah, Heidi, Kim, and Taylor. Sorry we can't be back home tonight.

Goodnight UK friends! And have a good night, stateside friends.


marahe said...

and marah and allison, of course. you know you love us.

Anonymous said...

Dearest ANATHALLO...
I had heard the name but not heard your music... I Really enjoyed your set last night in Brighton, despite the the oncoming of oesophagus unpleasantness. I toyed with going to the WaterRats gig, then I realised that I loathe London, with some vengeance & can never get to grips with the musky tang of A&R insecurity resultant of t-shirt that "Just seem a bit too tight" (I have many myself!!) & the indoor fireworks caused by man-made fibres of the those old tour jackets now in the twilight of their autumn...
Shame I couldn't get my hands on the album at the gig .. The 7" sounds great, even at 45rpm as well!! - Damn my ever looming myopia..
Every success & thanks..

Kristin B said...

update, update? =)

Nicky said...

Dear Bret,
Our dear Smackey has gone to a better place....
My roomate's parent's house! Jessie's father decided to adopt him as I could no longer afford to take care of the little tike. We're both bad parents I suppose. Anyway he's doing great, loving life and has a new name, Fillup. :)

Hope tour was magnificent!