Celebrating a Ponytail with Lucky Dragons on Good Friday

First off - Anyone who attended the show last night at MSU, thank you! There were some amazing vibes in the Union Ballroom. Due to the exceptionally long amount of time that it's taking to get this new record out... we sort of expected the show to be kind of small. But friends - you came! Lots of you! What a strange and awesome surprise. Shows like that feel sort of transcendent... they are a reminder that something else is going on besides people jammin' out while people watch. The "set" sort of seems to disappear, and (quite possibly) becomes the least important part of the night. Or maybe nothing is going on, choose your own adventure. I choose something. Speaking of that something... while at SXSW, 2 performances magnified that something to an almost unbearably incredible degree.

Ponytail: these friends have a new record coming out in June called "Ice Cream Spiritual" and it captures something wholly other. The aesthetic is great fun, but there is something going on with this music. I was so insanely tired at their show... almost to a hallucinatory degree, but the spiritual radiance was indescribable. It's the same kind of wonder/knowledge that children seem to possess. We sort of seem to lose it as we get older, right? Not on Ponytail's clock! Call me new age, I don't mind. If that's what this was, sign me up, I'll buy the healing crystals... ok, maybe not, but still.

Mhmm... and now, Lucky Dragons. No one is an observer at a Lucky Dragons show. We're all same-level participants. Nothing on youtube really does justice to being a part of his "Touching" piece, but I think that is meant to be... you just have to be a part of it in person, e-documentation is a little useless since it's all about presence and connection between people. Oh, and most of his music (extremely prolific) is available for free download on his site... amazing. Here are some snipz until you can make it to a performance:

ps- our new record is titled "Canopy Glow." Ok bye.


Nicky said...

I was totally going to blog about that, but you went and clarified the name already! Good luck on tour boys!!!

Isaiah Kallman said...

I'm glad you make music on your own time. And apparently, everyone at those concerts appreciate it as well.

Daniel Pechacek said...


That was the first time I'd seen you guys live, and it was really wonderful. I think (hope?) everyone there is in agreement about what a great night it was. :)

Rob said...

yeah it was dope

Anonymous said...

i doooooo like lucky dragons. thanks for sharing?