Just in case you missed this afternoon's online "Daily Kiss" feature of Cosmo Girl:

Life is good. No, wait.

"If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few years it’s that a girl can never know too much about indie music. Think about it: When the littlest known bands make it big (and they often do) you can say you heard them first! Just look at The National. I saw them a few years ago when no one had heard of them and now they’re touring with R.E.M. and Modest Mouse and their songs have been featured on One Tree Hill . So stick with me ladies, and I’ll hook you up with the music you need to know. (I’ll even let you take credit for “discovering” them!)

Allow me to introduce you to Anathallo. While you may think you’ve never heard their music you probably have. Their song is featured in a commercial for Vicks Cough Medicine (the one where it’s raining Vicks drops). Okay, sure, it’s not the sexiest of products to be linked to but it makes sense. Anathallo’s sound is so soothing to the soul it’ll cure you of just about anything. They’re a big group—6 guys and one girl—and after seeing them live I’m totally hooked. Their live show is like a shot of happiness! So check them out okay? You'll be glad you did.

Features Editor"

PROM 2008!!!!

Have wonderful weekends everyone. We're all back home in Mount Pleasant for a few days... Nate has his recital tomorrow and we'll be playing a few songs (CALVIN COLLEGE STYLE) with trombone choir accompaniment. Including, perhaps, an unheard Canopy Glow track. Perhaps.

It's free and you're invited! And if you can't come, youtube is free and you'll eventually be invited. No promises (!) but that's the hope.

Take care.


Blayne said...

Thats awesome. It's so fun when i hear or see you guys mentioned anywhere.

I miss you guys.


drewz5 said...

vicks is the sexiest product to be linked to!!!!!

Barry said...

I sure hope there's some youtube from that.

There seriously needs to be more good quality (non-cameraphone) Anathallo live video goodness out there so I can show everyone how awesome you are. Maybe that's up to us fans.

I would pay top dollar for a live DVD of a show one day. Man oh man would that be great! Just sayin'.

AdamBomb said...

CosmoGirl! Yes! That, my friends, is a beacon of journalistic integrity, and an indie-cred feather in your caps.

Kristin B said...

your happy makes me go smiley! =)

Hannah said...

Oh please. Who hasn't heard of Anathallo by now? CosmoGirl, you're way behind the times. ;)

ps. seeing you live is what hooked me too.

sean o'kane said...

wow this is so wild! what a world we live in to see things like this happen

Greg The Weidman said...
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Greg The Weidman said...
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Greg The Weidman said...

I was walking through the hall in my office and a television was on and I heard you coming through its speakers and saw Vicks on the screen but was too embarrassed to ask if my ears were indeed hearing correctly.

Anyways, are tickets for your Spaceland show in LA available yet?


julia gulia said...

haha. next tour will be bombarded with 15 year old girls screaming for Matt