"We now know who the Democratic nominee is going to be."

Leave it to Tim, right?

But it's over. I think. Or it's just beginning. Finally. Hopefully both.

And to celebrate!... well, I've been working these past few weeks. Data entry fills the day, pays the rent, and - it turns out - also keeps me current with the radio.


ME: "Phyllis, help me out... I don't know what the hits are anymore. I keep hearing about Lil Wayne. Is he the guy or what?"

PHYLISS: "Oooooh boy, you don't know Lil Wayne?? You haven't heard Lollipop?"

ME: "No."

PHYLISS: "Well you should. If they play him, I'll pass you my headphones."

ME: "Okay, cool - thanks."

PHYLISS: "You said you're in a band, right? Do you mind if I listen to a few songs?"

ME: "Of course. Here's our entire unreleased record - Canopy Glow - let me know what you think!"

----an hour later----

PHYLISS: "I like track four. It's a little like Maroon Five and Nickelback."

ME: "Good Lord."

PHYLISS: "No, that's a good thing!"

ME: ".........."

PHYLISS: "Here, listen to the R. Kelly 'Customer Remix' - it's amazing."

Me: "!!!!!!!!!!"

There are a few lines... that are just not lines I would be singing if I were under trial for what R. Kelly is under trial for. But. That's why he is who he is and I am who I am.

Incredible, though.

Can anyone enlighten me on Lil Wayne??


Conrad said...

You poor thing. I cant believe they compared you guys to maroon 5 and nickelback. Haha. That's rich.

Daniel said...

maybe the combination of nickleback and maroon 5 cancels out their complete and utter terribleness and combines to form something amazing.

...or maybe someone just has a poor understanding of music in general.

Anonymous said...

1. Phyliss is lucky.

2. Can I buy the cd without said Maroon 5/Nickleback-similar track 4? :P

3. When can I buy the cd??

Chard said...

Yeah man, she is one lucky girl.

Please tell me this will be released soon?

Are we any closer to any information?

Sorry to be a pain!

Brendan said...

lil waynes killah
from new orleans i think
check out mr. carter ft. jay z
off his carter 3 cd