CR2032 3 volt Lithium battery + single LED
Wedge battery between LED's prongs so that the longer prong is on the positive side
Connect a small magnet
Add tape around the whole thing for flight security
Throw at something

Let there be light

Graffiti Research Lab


Ryan Hammer said...

Definitely for the Horvitz campaign!

AdamBomb said...

That's graffiti for rich people.

Anonymous said...

Hey how is the record label search going?

...its not you, its your narrative said...

Only the poor engage culture with traditional graffiti?

The search is going well. We have a few things going on, trying to decipher which is best... looking like the record will definitely be out this fall. Sorry to be so vague... don't want rumors to fly.

dereK said...

if you like the graffiti research lab, you should check out the anti-advertising agency.

they have a project called 'light criticism'. it is brilliant.

...its not you, its your narrative said...

Yeah! My friend Anne is working on that project, it's really cool. Her book, Unmarketable, is pretty good. Worth checking out.

Stretts said...

So u guyz planning on touring aus yet??? lol

thanks for the tunes,

much love from downunder

AdamBomb said...

Ha. No, not implying that traditional graffiti is only for the poor. I just looked up the cost of a 3-volt lithium battery, out of curiosity, and the cheapest ones were $1.50 a piece. I don't know what the LED costs on top of that, but that adds up to a lotta moo-lah.

miss m said...

ahh, i love throwies. i saw that video a while back. it's such a cool idea for an art piece.

Anonymous said...

Hey you know you should make "Nonis Field" available for download. I don't want to just listen to it on Myspace.