An album update!

First, though, consider the above an apology for my last post. Will Smith is your youtube palate cleanser for the evening - LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS - and if you give him two minutes, you might forget that I thought it was a good idea to share a fiery car crash with you. Even if it was fatality free. And had an incredibly bizarre soundtrack. With brilliant quotes. It was still a fiery car crash with real human beings and no amount of slow-motion Avril-sung montages changes the fact that sharing it was in bad taste.

My apologies. And again, Will Smith.

As for our record - maybe you can guess - but our lack of updates happen to coincide with our lack of not having too much to announce at the moment. Here's the best I can do:

"Well, we gave the record to (1)____________ from (2)____________ and he really liked the songs and promised to send them on to (3)____________. We're still waiting to hear back and it's been a few weeks. Who knows. That would be (4)____________ if it worked out. We also sent the record to (5)____________ over at (6)____________ (which (7)____________ from (8)____________ thought was a promising idea). Matt wrote him a few sentences over IM but that hasn't gone anywhere. We figured out our artwork, though! We're going to use a piece by (8)____________ and I think (9)____________ will be coordinating the effort. Great news. Even more great news? Our lawyer has been working on a contract to get us a label and a tour in (10)____________ (ALMOST A DONE DEAL) and we're all really excited about the possibility. Most of us have never been there. He also mentioned that (11)____________ likes the record and might be coming to see us next month in (12)____________. Which would make us labelmates with (13)____________. My brain would explode. That would seriously be the (14)____________ (15)____________ (16)____________ in the world. There's no way it happens but what a fun thought. Definitely."

I'm sorry if that was terrible to read. Some of you were probably hoping for something a little more concrete.

Your guesses in the comments?

And, I think, to allay concerns!.... if 1-16 aren't in the cards, that's more than okay. The artwork should to be finished relatively soon, the cd is already mastered, we're moving ahead with everything (numbers or no numbers). Canopy Glow ought to be released in the late summer/early fall.

But... if that's the case.....

hmmm.... who's left to put it out?

OMGEEZY himself!!!!

Sometimes it's best to keep it in the family.

We'll see.

Speaking of family, Colour Revolt is on tour right now. I know I type about them a lot so I'll try to keep this brief. I listened to their record every single day for the entire month of April. I know that sounds crazy. It IS kind of crazy. But the discerning blog reader might have also picked up that yours truly had a rough go of it this past spring. Now I'm back... and I don't know if that would be the case without Plunder, Beg, and Curse. Which makes me a 15 year old boy (no offense to 15 year old boys). Try to read this without the hokey emotion and maybe with a little more sincerity than I can get these words to read. And maybe, past the embarrassing admission that the record your friends made became the record you'd listen to on the train. The record that would lift your head back up. Past those admissions to this - they are brilliant songs, they are a brilliant band, and I hope you all get the chance to see them in the next few weeks.

In the headphones lately?

I'm a multi-instrumentalist's multi-instrumentalist.

If you couldn't tell, I've been working with middle aged African-American women these past three weeks.

And Manchester Orchestra? Facebook tells me that Andy is in the studio and that Chris wore a Speed Racer helmet on tour.

Things seem good.


Things seem great.

Our tour starts tomorrow as well. Come say hi!

And come see this guy.



Y said...

See you in San Fran! Can't wait :)

Jesse said...

Thanks for the Mad Lib. Mysteries are so good for the soul.

buxton said...

1. jeremy devine
2. temporary residence
3. geoff rickley
5. aloha
6. polyvinyl
7. andy
8. manchester orchestra
9. vincent gallo
10. the entire state of new york
11. europe
12. domino
13. animal collective
14. most
15. amazing
16. thing

Casey said...

will you guys ever make it to alabama? come on!

brackattack said...

Mad Lib, pure genius

like.a.cannon said...

7.Tim Kinsella
8.Joan Of Arc
8.Electric Heat
9.Nigel Dennis
10. Japan
11.Rich Egan
12. Los Angeles
13.Murder By Death

miss m said...

i will be seeing you next thursday in cambridge! huzzah! just a warning, i might want to hug all of you.

yay for hilariously zany album updates. i say you sign to my label! i pay in cookies. if you hit platinum, i'll make a cake.

dereK said...

1)iron man
2)real life
3)the big G man
5)George Washington
8)the world
9)A Genius
10)Stephen Hawking
11)the heart of a glacier!
12)Bear Grylls
13)the jungle

i used to win at madlibs all the time in gradeschool. pwnd

Ben Collins and the Band Collins said...

1. a homeless gentlemen
2. Queens
3. Connor Oberst
4. daisies
5. Jim
6. Dairy Queen
7. Carl
8. Dairy Queen
9. Stephen Segall
10. I
11. Ghana
12. Carl Weathers
13. solidarity
14. Radiohead
15. most
16. disappointing
17. thing

Well, quite truthfully, you guys have been one of my favorites for years. Glad I found your blog.

Anyone going to the Javelins CD release?


Patrick said...

7. jason tate
8. absolute punk

julia gulia said...

ughh COLIN. now you totally made me think they're going to japan.
and now i wanna go. *pouts*

anywaysss... i suck at madlibs but i'm excited to hear that finding a label to get the cd out is coming along! yay!

i wish i had connections like brian then you'd give me a copy of the cd to taunt other people with. okay, he's not really taunting but still...

i think i'm done rambling. i go to rockies game now!

andr-w said...

1. this guy
2. some band
3. some other guy
4. lyke whatevs
5. Rick Rubin
6. Def Jam
7. noone
8. anywhere
8. this underage art school student whos real cute and everyone says shes wise beyond her years
9. a real artist
10. Africa (obviously)
11. Bob Dylan
12. New York
13. The Wallflowers
14. coolest
15. fucking
16. thing

I LOVE YOU said...