A Very Berry Weekend

As you all know - we've held a residency at this awesome church called Berry for the last year. This weekend is going to be a rip-roaring good time! We'll start with Friday and move forward. Come check out our diverse congregation!

ONE: Our friend Tim and his awesome band (also friends) are FINALLY putting out their 3-year-in-the-making record. Celebrate with us on Friday night!

TWO:The second Fair Trade Market takes place Saturday with performances by a ton of our friends! Come check out non-sweat/fair-wage goods from around the world (even some from the Chicagoland area). Word to the wise, arrive early, because Ryan, Tales from Tuckaway, plays at 10 AM. Early morning improv! Listen to "Trans" and tell me that you don't want to wake up to that! I DARE YOU.

THREE:The "Love Makes A Family" exhibit! I'm really excited about this. Our friend, Brent, has arranged for a traveling exhibition of family portraits from within the GLBT community to be installed in the Heritage Room at Berry. Come confront your notions and stereotypes in this incredible collection.

Ba Dap Ba Ba Ba, I'm lovin' it.


Kristin B said...

i wish this weren't finals week... =(

...its not you, its your narrative said...

understandable though... I always found that great things fell over finals week. BUMMER!