Why not?

So I've been working this past week making phone calls for the Nevada Media Directory and I get to wear one of these all day:

It hasn't been bad - I think I've talked to nearly every newspaper, radio, and television station in the great Sagebrush State. The only problem is that I can't get my back to relax once I get out of work. Aches and pains! Which sounds ridiculous. Slightly old-manish. But around hour five of calling, I realize... like, I'm not stressed on the phone. I think I sound nice. Warm and amiable. Secretaries love me. But I'm constantly alert and I think my body stays tense for pretty much the entire day.

Why am I telling you this? Because I had a plan for this weekend - move some boxes for money on Saturday, get a bottle of wine afterwards and watch some Joe Biden youtube clips. Go to bed EARLY. Wake up LATE. And that's not Old Man Wallin talking. I'm determined that that was a pretty 26 year old thing to do.

Look, here... Joe Biden makes Rudy his punching bag:

Just add wine!

But yes... move some boxes. CHECK.
Me and Joe? CHECK.
In bed by eleven? CHECK.

A cat howling outside my window at 5 AM? CHECK.
Three dudes across the street howling at each other at 6 AM? CHECK.

"Naw listen, I played with ANTWAAN RANDLE EL."


"I'm tellin ya, I played with RANDLE EL. ANTWAAN RANDLE EL. Him and his brother."

"Antwaan Randle El?"

"I'm tellin ya, it's the truth."

We fly high no lie you know this... BALLIN!

So here I am... I decided it was SMFW time (the inaugural) and I still have an hour to go until I have to leave for the Threadless Fantasy Football Draft. My back loses (re-reading this, I'm not exactly sure why getting a lot of sleep was the cure) and my eight hour sleep cycle was destroyed... but you!! You've won!! Or particularly, the blog has won. And if the blog wins, we all win.

Very quickly:

You already know this because I took a week to put it up but Andrew Dost is BACK IN STYLE. Not that he ever left! But Spin.com is saying it's so (!) and in case you did miss it, it's nothing but Fun for The Format's Nate Ruess, Steel Train's Jack Antonoff, and our very own Anathallo alumnus.

Just absolutely great news... the three time-travellers are throwing it down Dog Days of Summer Dream Team Style.

I couldn't be happier. And if my name was Joe Biden, I'd toss a "literally" on top of that. Literally, I would.

(that's really enough politics, right?)


But to be heartfelt for a second - Jack and Nate are really, really lucky. And I can't wait to see them all swing through Chicago this fall.

Old college roommate news? CHECK.

New actor roommate news? You bet!

I'm in Love with a Nun from Ron Eltanal on Vimeo.

That's Peter Oyloe and he lives upstairs from me. Pretty sweet trailer, right?? Not sure how the thing is being released but here's hoping for "online" and "soon!"

***if that video isn't working, definitely click here.


Finally finally. And this is what made me want to post in the first place. If you've spaced out somewhere between Antwaan Randle El and LeBron fixing Kobe's tie... well, this is why you kept scrolling down.

Okay, wait - no. Skip this, too:

Morgan Freeman, Michael Phelps, and Visa. I looked back at my last post and decided there was nothing else to add to "one of the single greatest accomplishments in species history." I think I read that somewhere so I'll put it in quotes and attribute it to TRUTH. And I really don't see why anyone can complain about Usain Bolt celebrating mid-race IF HE STILL RAN AND FINISHED FASTER THAN ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS EVER STEPPED FOOT ON PLANET EARTH.

Okay. Rant over. And back to what I was first typing. The reason I started writing today in the first place:


I can't decide if I should just post the videos or give some sort of half explanation. It's as if the makers decided "you know what, forget heaven on earth... let's make TATOOINE on earth."

These exist today. And I know - Mom and Dad - because you would read this far. It's not every parent's dream to read their son typing out "how sweet would it be to live off the grid in a passive solar home made of natural and recycled material including tires and coke bottles."

But how sweet would it be to live off the grid in a passive solar home made of natural and recycled materials including tires and coke bottles??

I'm saying way sweet. And really, they couldn't have chosen a better name.

Kudos to you, earthship builders. Tell Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru I'm coming home.



Daniel said...

that's amazing.

kind of goes to show you how arbitrary our definition of a "normal" home is. i'm imagining neighborhoods of earthships.

here's hoping that the owner of the ship still gets to be called captain.

Hunter Beauchamp said...

I'm not gonna lie. I hate Fun. Actually because I can't stand the Format or Nate whatever his last name is, and am sad to see members of my two favorite bands teaming up with him.

Heather said...

After Anathallo I'd call the Format my favorite band, so fun couldn't have me any more excited. Seriously, this is the best thing that they could possibly announce. :P

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden works great for me, I mean if it couldn't be my favorite Wallin, Biden will do nicely and I loved the videos! I'm hopin the Senator kisses the wife at the convention like al did tipper...I even sent him a email telling him I wanted to see that :)
A nice miller highlife will help that back relax and I'll send earplugs for the rest of your problems, not much you can do there especially if O'toole is living upstairs :0
I think the olypic comentators were really crappy....they ticked me off several times...negative bunch of athletic wanna bees...
GO BOLT....I was also not real happy with some of the Judges but I thought it was an excellent olympics otherwise

GO EARTH SHIPS...I'm going to make mine from wine bottles though! (Red Wine...cause it's better for you)!
Enjoy the convention and if the Senator kisses Michelle you'll know he got my message.....

...its not you, its your narrative said...

EARTHSHIPS! Oh man... I really feel like we should start an earthship community in the desert this winter. I'm seriously all about these... this is so much closer to the 2008 that I dreamed about as a child.

daniel aaron sprague said...

so I am pretty excited about this In Love with a Nun thing... it looks SHWANKY!