Did anyone watch last night? Or catch it on HULU since? (yes, that's another Hulu plug)


(I would share mine but they're a sleepy jumble - I'll say this, the block letters for every location were in all ways annoying, the soundtrack kept catching my attention in ways I'm guessing that a soundtrack isn't supposed to... and up until the last half an hour, I thought "I like these characters, I'll probably check back in next week." And then bam - BAM! - the show got going. It's still flawed, noticeably flawed... but the strengths were pretty strong, too. The good, my blog friends, outweighed the bad.)

That was less of a sleepy jumble and rather a parenthetical one. Anyways, did anyone else see it?!


drewz5 said...

definitely was feeling the same thing...and the doctor's son or whatever making stupid comments every 10 seconds was a bit annoying too....but i think i'll watch it next week too...watching it at 1 o'clock last night was definitely interesting though

julia gulia said...

yay hulu!

i watched last night (my tv is more of like a giant paperweight right now) and thought it was pretty good.

nothing new or inventive but definitely solid enough for me to keep checking out for a while.

am i the only one that wasn't annoyed by the son? :/

Justin said...

i watched it last night. i thought it was alright. the dr.s son was kinda getting on my nerves though. what struck me was the head of the secret FBI sect that asked the main girl to work for him is the same guy who kept popping up on LOST last season. my first thought was maybe a possible tie-in? especially since he's the head of an organization which investigates the paranormal so what would be better than a search for a magical, disappearing island? i know it probably would never happen due the different networks that broadcast the two shows. plus i just imdb.com it and he definatly has different names on both of the shows. but it was just what crossed my mind when i saw him...but yeah, i'll probably check it out again next week.

Kyle said...

JJ Abrams show that starts with a plane in peril...

Still, this show goes to all the places LOST only seems to tap-dance around. Fringe science.

Plus, how do you go wrong with Pacey Witter making some judgment calls for the one who is clearly the girl of his dream, except she's blond this time.

The lettering made me feel like I was in a comic book, similar to Heroes.

So pretty much, I've found another place to put 45 minutes of my life (I'll watch it on the DVR and skip the commercials, something that TV still has on HULU, though it is awesome).

BW said...

Agreed on... the script they handed Joshua Jackson was hilarious. Like. Really? But I think after years of Dawson's Creek and The Mighty Ducks - his face shows up on the screen and I just want to cheer him on. I was even cheering for him to beat his lines.

And YES, the plane turbulence beginning. It's rare in life where you can give yourself a tip of the cap. "Hey there me, great job." I was for it.

I LOVE YOU said...