Sommer des Flugs

Today Seth, Nathan, and I watched people launch themselves off a 30 foot high dock while holding on to poorly made paper mache contraptions (all poorly made with the exception of the Crustacean Avengers I should say... they made theirs fly about 120 feet and had very elaborate costumes)

The holders of the 2007 record made a special guest appearance this afternoon. Here is a their victory and an explanation of what I'm talking about....

Most clever name goes to team Iowa:Go shuck yourself, who flew off the dock with surprising results on a gigantic piece of corn without wings.

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Heather said...

I would love an answer to this question... is there any chance of seeing you a little bit closer to southern mississippi, such as New Orleans, perhaps? I am going to try to make it to Memphis but financials are a little tight. Please let me know... many thanks and much love... can't wait for Canopy Glow!!