This is the cover of Canopy Glow. The record will be released November 18th on Anticon. Some of you got really really close when filling in the blanks on our mysterious madlib a few months back... nice work Columbo.


The featured painting is called Temma on Earth. It is the loving work of our dear friend Tim Lowly. We've known Tim for quite some time now, and he is largely responsible for our residency at Berry. He is also a fellow musician, professor, curator, runner, and great person to be around. Outside of the obvious aesthetic perfection of this insane meticulously crafted painting, and the capacious interpretation possibilities (directly and indirectly interacting with the lyrical content of the record), using this piece holds a really special reminder of the community and support that Berry has extended our way. It is truly otherworldly and we feel honored that Tim allowed us to use his work.

The piece is in the private collection at the Frye Museum in Seattle. Coincidentally, it will be showing this fall in an exhibition entitled Gaze: Vision, Desire, and Difference in the Frye Collection. For info, click here.

Oh yeah! We've got TONS more news to announce, but I'll let others sort out the rest in their posts.

Deal with it.