The Wire

So I know I might be a little behind the curve when it comes to good television, but I started watching "The Wire" about a week ago. The reason I decided to step out of the boob-tube shadows and come clean with my entertainment tardiness was because it was only after hearing rave reviews of this show from 3 or 4 completely unrelated people during 3 or 4 completely unrelated conversations that got me watching. And so I thought maybe if I could be that 3rd or 4th unrelated person to someone out there...it would all be worth it. The hours of downloading...worth it. The desire to stay up just another hour to watch just one more episode...worth it.

I'm just finishing the first season and episode 11 got me a little emotional. Now I'm no snitch so I won't give anything away, but when Rawls says his bit to McNulty in the hospital...the brass-balls tenderness he showed got the water-works going a bit.

Anyway, watch it if you haven't.

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hewhocutsdown said...

It's solid. S3 & S4 are brilliant; S2 & S5 are very good.