Well! Where to start? FIRST, this leaked today. And go ahead and click! Why not? But the next part is tricky because I don't want it to sound like a gimmick. I received both an e-mail (thanks Marah) and a facebook message (thanks Grant) letting me know that the record had found an internet home. I will admit - I was pretty excited by the news. I'm past ready for everyone to hear the thing. But! I also have to be honest. What you've been excitedly listening to is "Engine Glow." The first version of the final thing, masterfully mixed by Neil Strauch of Engine Studios. At least if you have your copy of the cd from the link above... well, first! We were planning on leaking it anyways. Matt and I talked about this tonight and we both agreed - Neil is too smart and too talented for his version of things not to have seen the light of day. We were thinking of it as a Christmas present. So consider this an early Christmas? And secondly - fortunately or unfortunately - what you have isn't the cd that will be coming out on Anticon.

Same tracks, different sound.

I promise promise promise we didn't plan it like this. And I'll also say, I fully expect the real "Canopy Glow" to leak between now and November 18th. That's how these things work, right? And when it does, I hope you listen to it! And that you pass it on to your friends. And hopefully you like it and they like it and you all decide to come see us between now and next spring. That's a fair deal, right?

I'd write more but I am sleepy. And not playfully sleepy but the "my eyes keep closing and reopening as I type this and it feels like college when I was writing papers at four in the morning except it is only eleven at night and I feel OLD" incoherent sleepy. Hopefully it doesn't show up in this post? Maybe I'll make an edit or two during my lunch break.

Goodnight all!


Rob said...

Anathallo, you are awesome.

BW said...

here's how you know, too! if "The River" is 5:01, it's Engine Glow... the final canopy mix clocks in at 4:43.

(so I caught a second wind? that's right!)

Heather said...

The link isn't working for me. Was it taken down?

Adam said...

Dear Anathallo,

I agree with rob that you are awesome. Seriously. I just want to play a game of Monopoly with you or something.



Quillen said...

I was excited to find that very post in my Google Reader yesterday, and though I already have the album (I think Rickle gave it to me a while ago, I hope that's okay!) decided to download anyway as I knew it had been re-mixed. Honestly though, I'm glad it's the earlier version, because most of me really wanted to wait until I could purchase it to hear the real thing.

Either way, ditto, you guys a cool!

Caleb said...

oh the life of an album, and the songs it holds within it....

I put one of yalls songs from "Floating World" to an 8mm movie the other day.

Check it out if you want: http://vimeo.com/1909116


Casey said...

The files have been taken down! Boo! Hope you guys decide to release it yourselves. I'd love to hear both versions.

Grant said...

your album is up everywhere by now, a pretty massive leak. i can't believe there's going to be two versions of this, i couldn't ask for better news. can't wait to see you guys again in atlanta.

Ryan Walker said...

oh hey, thanks.

brownpants. said...

"the river" is much different on this leaked version. the version on anticon is better! can't wait for the album.

Eric said...

So good! You guys are awesome! I can't wait to buy the real, final version.

Daniel said...

I'm going to agree with the general sentiments of everyone that you are, indeed, awesome.

I'll also echo brownpants in comparing the "engine" version and the "canopy" versions of The River. It makes me pretty pumped to hear the fuller, more textured, final version.

I also have to say that I love your overall attitude towards leaks and downloading music in general. It's how I wish more bands viewed things. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that every album will leak and will be downloaded by thousands upon millions of people. The new music market is in live performances and I'm so happy that you've affirmed my belief in Anathallo as a band completely ahead of its time.

Corey Bienert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sean o'kane said...

lets have this madden 08 showdown that never was
before you guys go out on the road again


sokane1 at gmail dot com

Francisco said...

Just go to my blog, there's a link. Shhhtt!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear this news. I heard the leak and was a little disappointed because I couldn't hear the words at all, like the vocals were turned way down. Now I can't wait for the actual thing to come out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anathallo! Since this is the 'Engine Glow', here is a quick alternative album art if anyone wants it.
Your overly meticulous music library will thank you.


...its not you, its your narrative said...

this alternate art is awesome! you guys rule.

Aaron said...

does anyone have a working link for the engine glow album? Everywhere I go, it has already been taken down. I want to hear this so bad!

anyone in anathallo just want to e-mail it to me? :)

Casey said...

if BW's numbers are correct at the top of these comments, and the free anticon download of "the river" is from engine glow, then i think i got a copy of canopy glow and not engine glow. i went to the link from this post and downloaded from a comment on THAT post... and i'm pretty sure it's canopy glow. the download is now unavailable. can anyone confirm this?

Candis said...

My heart just broke.

Yes, just now.

I was gone for two weeks without a computer with my dear older sister and her husband. It was great! We played clue and made apple cider.

Usually being without a computer is just fine, even though I'm a YouMeGo regular and have been since basically the beginning. I made Erica's pumpkin treats (which were very good, by the way. Thank you.) I've kept my opinions minimal to comments about you killing your dog blog... Dlog, if you will. I also remember the contest in which Brett exploited his sister.. Did you ever find a winner for that, by the way? I so dearly and fondly remember the Anathallo forest/acorn/stone tree contest as if it were yesterday.

And I missed it.

I've scoured and searched the inter-web for two hours but 'Engine Glow' is no where to be found, under lock and key.

So I humbly ask you guys to exploit yourselves and the sweet, sweet music you so magically create and let this bad mamma-jamba leak to the ends of the earth.. Or at least to my computer.

Because honestly, I can't wait. Not when I know there are other people who have it.

"Be still, sad heart and cease repining. Behind the clouds is a sun still shining."

(Sorry about the lengthiness.)

Adam said...

Poor candis.

IM me - curbyourentropy

Aaron said...

i think i found a working link for it.


Dan said...

I spent 15min cooking up this album art in photoshop, thought someone else might appreciate it! (I like to invert the colors of original covers for album leaks, plus I edited it some more)


I haven't actually listened to 'Engine Glow' yet, and I'm EAGERLY awaiting my preorder to arrive.

Anonymous said...

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i can't believe there's going to be two versions of this, i couldn't ask for better news.

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