Stay Gold Ponyboy...Stay Gold

So I got an email from an old friend of mine the other day. Contained was simply a link to a youtube video and the comment: "a little weird...but still unbelievable".

The linked video is the one embedded above and stars Japanese pop sensation Chara. Born in 1968 Chara was a pioneer of the J-Pop phenomenon and a film star (or so wikipedia tells me). The video also showcases the talents of a certain Maxwell Olson.

Now, Maxwell Olson might not fall into the "household name" category but he is close to my heart. Max and I have known each other since 1988 and I can assure you that not once during our years at Christian Academy in Japan did I anticipate stumbling onto a music video of him necking with a 40 year old pop star.

One thing I worry about blogging this is that I'll give you reader a sense that while I'm typing I'm also shaking my head saying,

"max, max, max...when are you ever going to learn"

It's quite the contray! While it may be weird to watch an old friend make-out with a cougar by the glow of a computer screen it also makes me a little proud. Instead of that tsk-ing image I mentioned try to imagine me slightly squinting my eyes and pursing my lips (in a George W. Bush way, but emotional). I'm also nodding my head and whispering (not in a creepy way, but in the way they do in the movies to let you know that the actor doesn't care if anyone hears them...that's how close it is to their heart),

"That's it Max...kiss her good!"

I feel like an older brother in some movie watching his younger sibling rise above and succeed...

"You show 'em Max. They're no better than you"

Anyway, this is turning into a script for a 1960's coming of age movie instead of me telling you reader about my friends newly found fame. So I'll wrap it up by showing you where Max started on his road to glory. That's him right down there...he's got the that black turtleneck underneath what can only be a Gotcha or Ocean Pacific shirt.

I also included a picture of myself around the same area so that if Max drifts by this blog (in much the same way I drifted by his video) there won't be any hard feelings (I'm sure I'm wearing some horribly offensive Christian t-shirt).

ahhh...look how far we've come.

I'm proud of you Max!




Adam said...

Max is living my dream.

Anonymous said...

Who is the boy at the bottom? It looks like Seth but I'm not quite sure.


Anonymous said...

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