Two pictures

In Sendai's Tower Records they had a big display for us.

In Shinjuku Tokyo (taken from Natsco's flickr)


Anonymous said...

That's totally awesome!
I hope that you're having a great time!

Love you all.
~Original Kevin.

Original Kevin said...

I like how the name is spelled in Japan.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving this comment on this post because I don't know if you'd get it if I left it on the post for which it's relevant! ANYWAY, according to your list of places where your record can be found, Vinyl Solution in Tuscaloosa, AL carries it when in fact that place no longer exists! Haha, I just wanted to let you guys know! You may want to erase that off of your list.
I love this band endlessly. Your music blesses me, and I can clearly see each member's passion for what they do every time I see you guys live.
God bless,
your Alabamian friend, Cara :]

Alex said...

man this just makes me want to fastrack my trip to japan, such an awesome country!

Have fun guys!

Anonymous said...

hey congrats on the spin article. and sorry for the snobby pitchfork review. it's sad when a critic gets that disconnected and full of themselves that they can't recognize what's good.

b/c i don't feel like you guys would resent a negative critic, i'll just resent him for you, as my resentment is large enough for all of you. yes, ian cohen has a lot of resentment heading his way this moment.

Adam said...

Love the new album, guys. I'm buying some copies for people for Christmas :).

Anonymous said...

sweet sweet!

enjoy j-pan

Alex said...

so i was browsing my local record store 'big star cds and record stores' in adelaide today and i saw ur cd, an anathallo cd on the shelves for the first time in adealdie, aus! was an intense moment, i was so close to buying it even though i pre-ordered, but thought someone else should have the pleasure of listneing to it.

peace out

Bradley said...