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Over the holidays I got into some of the stuff on the Hipster Runoff blog... they just posted this article about Animal Collective ( or "AnCo" - fan-adopted name personalization is sure to produce lasting memes for this brand, er band. kidding. kidding?).

It's a particularly meaningful moment in the development of my personal brand as I read this:

And this:


Matthew R said...

Such an amazing collection of essays.

Hunter Beauchamp said...

I wonder why y'all get compared to Animal Collective so often. It is just noise.

Tall Pants said...

They read Wendell Berry.

Just another to add to the list of reasons that Anathallo is one of my favorite bands.

And don't worry, the music is the #1 reason.

Matt said...

I love Berry's distinction between public, private and community issues... I see a lot of Berry's understanding of society and law in Obama's rhetoric.

Hope you guys are well (this is matt browning, with rednoW... I got to sit down with you guys before a show at Calvin last year... thanks again for doing that).