Anathallo on NPR 848

Hi!  It has been a while.  We've been busy doing all sorts of whatnot.  Bret and I did a lengthy interview with the noble Althea from NPR's 848 a little while back.  It's airing this Wednesday from 9 to 10 AM - check it if you want - 91.5 FM.  It will be interesting to see what made the cut.  If you miss the show, it will be posted online here

Just wanted to drop a little note before our show this Friday with friends Sybris and Cains and Abels at the Bottom Lounge.  Hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

The interview starts at 47:11, not that 848 isn't a great program that deserves total listening.

Nice one, boys.

"...arbiter of meaning..."
gotta get me one of those.

Can't wait for Friday Night!

danny said...

Hey that was a decent piece!

Adam said...

My arbiter of meaning broke a while back. I've been meaning to get a new one, but I keep putting it off.

God I love you guys' music. So much.

Aaron said...

Canopy Glow is such a beautiful album! I knew that before, but hearing all this background information added another level to my appreciation of your awesome music! Keep it up guys, I'm loving it.

Adam said...

by the way... thank you for getting me into Hannah Marcus. I love Laos... the image of Jesus rolling his eyes absolutely kills me.

Anonymous said...

Matt, bret, seth, someone... please get ahold of me. I'm moving to chicago just around the time you'll be returning to the states. darnitjacob@gmail.com (need some leads and what-not if available)

-jacob/j. glevin