fighting back the hermit

Yesterday after practice I wanted nothing more than to lay on the couch, turn my brain off, and fall asleep trying to watch one of Danny's slow sad films (they usually go over my head which forces me to avoid talking at length about them with others, but I guess part of the problem could be that I am drifting in and out of sleep. in general I sleep during movies which makes my sister mad and because of this my vote at blockbuster holds little to no weight) As I walked home through the park I tried to ignore the soft green grass, the woman I see everyday who pushes a large cart full of yarn and other various crafting supplies, and the long haired rocker who sits on the bench near the baseball diamond drawing dark pictures. All of these things make me want to go to park. When I got home to execute my plan the light from our windows cast a depressing glare on the TV. So I grabbed a sheet and a book of short stories and placed myself behind a group of five year olds being taught the game of baseball. So funny. I accidentally picked an extremely sad story about a horribly dysfunctional relationship and cancer, but I was glad that I forced myself to go out.

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