Get Ready for the Future

So here's the skinny: Our good friends over at the University of Utah have discovered a way to turn heat into soundwaves and then turn those soundwaves into electricity. The man behind all this is Orest Symko (pictured here and looking a bit smug). But think about it...getting your new laptop out of the box and having it's own heat charge up the battery...the heat from your Prius' engine refueling it's battery cells.

Total Mindjob!

Here's the article.


Joel Van Haren said...

p.s. i hear extended exposure to laptop heat is detrimental to sperm count. can the university of utah make that not happen please?

holemole said...

I'm not sure if Symko is in tune with the spermies, but I'm confident he'd have some choice morsels of wisdom regarding any subject.

In the Name of Science!