aka You Left Me My First Comment And I Have Forever Engraved Your Name on My Heart

aka It's June And We're Talking Lost And The Word "Spoiler" Doesn't Mean Anything To Me

aka Jack Left The Island, Took Stem Cells, Brought Back Flannel, And Traded in John Locke For Suzie Marie Toller And The Ghost Whisperer

Jack and Kate are off the island.
Charlie is dead.
Ben is in the casket.
Locke is still on the island.
Walt probably has to shave now.

My question...

I don't understand how Jack's father is still alive. In the future. When he is dead. In the past.


We can comment back and forth about this and it will be great.


For the rest of you.

If you weren't missing this man every Wednesday night...

...then I can't imagine that this post was worth scrolling through.

Fortuantely, here is something we can all get behind.
(kudos to the AOL Sports Fanhouse)

If anyone can:
cancel my Saturday plans
drive me five hours to the Williamson County Pavillion in Marion, Illinois
pay for gas.

This - THIS! - will be your reward:


cory isaac said...

I want the reward but can't do anything to deserve it!? It's a terrible thing to be incapable.

BW said...

You know. I would even split gas.

He's going to be fighting the Badger!

Matt Wilson said...

I think it might be John Locke in the casket, but it could also be Ben, it's hard to tell.

Adam Nerland said...

That Power Rangers video lost me after the green/white ranger turned red. I must have stopped watching around that time. But I was all about the Power Rangers up through about 3rd grade. I even won a contest to introduce each Power Rangers episode on the local station for a few months.

My narrative was as follows:

"Coming up next are the coolest dudes! (Except for Bulk and Skull.) It's the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers on Fox 49 Kids Club!"

It's true.

Adam Nerland said...

And Ben is definitely in the casket. But I haven't decided if I believe Jack's dad is really alive in the future or not. I think it may just be Jack going crazy.