We All Have A Million Reasons Not To Do Something

Midwest Internet-Addicted Indie Kids, listen up. The Grand Rapids Marathon is going down. With slogan like Yes, You Can. and It's Your Time to Shine. this race is full of good vibes! Are you game or lame? Ok, I kid. You're not lame if you don't want to spend the next 13 weeks sweating out the Oreos. BUT, if you feel that in this moment of aimless wander-blogging, that you... yes YOU a) are an extreme individual who can quickly be convinced to commit to irrational things for no other reason than to do them (me) or b) are being summoned to a 3 month higher purpose, then by all means, keep reading.
A few of us have set our sights on GRThon 07. Now listen, I hate running as much as the next guy, but (for no valid reason) I need to do this. It's a test of will more than anything. We all love to create systems that help us feel a sense of progress. Here's a new one to try on! I'm following this Runner's World guide for first time marathon runners.

TIP: If you feel even slightly interested (even just curious), sign up RIGHT NOW. Seriously, don't think about it. Just do it. Trust me, that's how I got into this awesome mess. However, in the case that I can't finish the race in a respectable fashion, I'm working up a few prototypes for a wickedly aversive costume to exchange "respectable fashion" for "respectably fashionable". I'll be that annoying guy, the cow on roller skates, or better. Won't you join us?

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