Do not miss this post. Matt is absolutely right. Why not sweat out the oreos?!


Okay, confession time. I realize I mention our blog nearly every time I write. There - see - I just did it again. I'm pretty sure this means I'm self-referential (a debatedly good or bad thing). It could also mean, though, that fear goes hand-in-hand with posting to an unknown audience... and that if I acknowledge my blog-writing could be ridiculous to you (the reader), I will make myself less ridiculous. Well, I mulled it over on my bike ride home tonight. Here's what I think:


I don't even know what they're saying!! And with that, confession over.


In the same spirit, though, every good BLOG needs a contest. Unfortunately most prizes cost money. So... until we release our yet-to-be-named-soon-to-be-recorded record, tour Shanghai, and leave with a billion yuan in hand...

"there are so many of you!!! and you all bought cds!!!"

...well, it looks like we'll need to offer up something extra special.

Namely, my sister.


B-Bear and I are more than just siblings, you see - we are ROOMIES. And in-between debating the pros and cons of On Demand vs Netflix (I VOTE ON DEMAND) and watching Kathy Griffin's "My Life on the D-List" (which we wouldn't have been doing if we had ON DEMAND), she tells me this:

Young Wallin: I have to go to my co-worker's wedding.
Me: When is it?
Young Wallin: August 11th. It's a Saturday.
Me: Who are you taking? You should take Jamie.
Young Wallin: I don't know. Would he want to go? I don't have anyone yet.
Me: DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry Jam-Jam, but the playing field just got a whole lot more crowded.

"google images does nothing but bring up wrong pictures of Jamie Macleod"


Prizes include:
1. You get to take my sister on a date.
2. The date has to be on August 11th and you have to go to her co-worker's wedding.
3. There should be, ummm, beverages at the wedding. This is what my sister tells me. As long as you are responsible and at least 21 or if you have a good fake (JK PARENTS JK).
4. If the two of you really get along and start hanging out all the time, I might be home sometime when she is home and maybe I could let you hear our newly-recorded demos (JK BAND JK).
5. An all around pleasant evening (with no funny business - I will kill you).
6. A post dedicated to the winner and what separated you from the rest of the pack. I am for real.

To enter:
1. Please write a 500 150-200 (or so) word essay entitled "Why I think I should be the one to take you - Bethany Wallin - on a date."
Feel free to include all things applicable (headshot, resume, a link to your myspace, why your parents love you, proudest accomplishment, etc)

2. Bonus hint: someone told me that being "confident," "fun," "sociable," and "still able to look cute without having to wear a tie" (because I don't think you have to wear a tie) are all good places to start.

3. Extra bonus hint: not having a girlfriend/wife is another good place to start.

All entries due: August 8th.

Who is eligible: Sorry ladies... unless you know an unattached guy-friend who'd be just the ticket! Then you could share prize #6. Other than that, this is only open to the dudes. You can be from anywhere. Also, there is no age limit. That cracks me up/worries me.

Please send all entries to: contact@anathallo.com
Please send all entries to: bret.wallin@gmail.com



Kristin Brownsword said...

what about some prize for the ladies, say, a date with Bret?

team a said...

oh my. we couldn't possibly auction off a member of our own band! that would be shameless.

Anthony Iamurri said...
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Kristin Brownsword said...
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Kristin Brownsword said...

check out the link on my latest entry (it's got pictures)!

Ryan said...