See, that was easy.

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down these curtains.

A general sense yesterday of "oh maaaaaaaaannnnnn..... ads?" An understandable sentiment and away they go, just as promised.

Although - to be truthful - I was expecting a little bit more out of our newfound anonymous friends in the comments.

The "booo. think." is a study in vague, biting online disapproval (if I'm reading it right... I can't be sure, though, that's the beauty of it), meanwhile the "sellouts" was probably our manager testing our resolve.

(except I'm so thin-skinned! and I wasn't sure if we had to give you 20% of the 41 cents we made yesterday)

Anyways. If I expect more out of you, I should expect more out of myself.

My best attempts as follows (with the help of your friend and mine, Mr. Disposition):

"but I came here for Anathallo, not AD-athallo!"

"I must have typed in the wrong address... why am I at youradsensemakesmegocrazy.blogspot.com?"

"adsense? more like lack of sense."

"mewithoutYou wouldn't have tried this."

You were trying to make train fare? Suckers!

If anyone wants another shot, it's all yours (anonymously or not) in the comments. I am hoping for (a) clever, (b) fairly clever, or (c) just plain awful.

Online vitriol will be met with emoticons that represent marked sadness.

So it turns out that our Web Log is not just of Enchantment but also Minor Controversy. I think that's healthy. And if that ad bothered you, just wait until!.... well no, nevermind. Not yet. :-) <--------marked happiness

In case you were worried, though, the four dimes a day we'll be throwing away were made up for by this phone call last night:

"Hey Bret, we have an extra ticket to see The National - wanna go?"


The band graciously allows me to exit the studio early.


We miss St. Vincent by ten minutes but that is okay because the tickets are free and there are still great seats to be found and soon enough The National take the stage.


These two songs made the night for me:

(this one, especially)

(I have no idea why Dave is carrying around the Lombardi trophy)

And that was that. A lovely, lovely evening.

If you've ever visited Threadless before but were overwhelmed by their abundance of shirts and thought to yourself "I just wish I had one designer to support... their site would be so much easier to navigate and I would buy everything with his name on it," I would vote for the one who was nice enough to call last night.

(or if you could only choose a single shirt of his, I would vote for the one that donates ten dollars from every sale to the Red Cross)

Okay. STUDIO TIME. And I have an ebay auction to win in eight hours! If I come through big time, I will show you my newest treasure. Currently, it is hovering below ten bucks. And it is beautiful.



Bojangles said...

Ok... here goes my best shot.

"So what's your new single called, 'I sold my soul for 41 cents'?"

I love you guys, can't wait for the new album. (come to the Columbus/Dayton area sometime soon.)

BW said...

I like it!

Adam said...

Ha. I'd rag on you, but I'd totally do the same thing. The ads didn't bother me, personally. 41 cents a day ain't bad. I even clicked through a link for you yesterday.

Anonymous said...

How bout, "I lie, I lie, I lie! and keep Adsense at the bottom of the page!"

fenceswemended said...


Dormouse said...

cant wait for the new album to come out. you guys should really come back to Lupo's in Providence

BW said...

there's so many of you! I guess we all have our weekends off, no?

adam - I thought that death jockey picture from yesterday was so bizarre! it makes more sense now.

anon - friend! but how will our visitors know that piano lessons are being offered in Evanston, Illinois if Adsense is on the bottom?.. no no, now I'm the one kidding. that is not a bad idea at all. :-)

fences - so fun! I thought the video was exactly right (especially the animal costumes)

dormouse - you are too kind. are you seeing Brand New with mewithoutYou on their next tour?

Josh said...

My private viewing of your public blog is far too sacred to be disgraced by ads. When I stare into someones thoughts I don't want to have to have my peripheral vision cluttered with ads I don't notice.

I realize it was more of a rant than clever or horrible, but I gave it a shot.

If I bought a mellophonium and donated it to you guys, would you use it?

Nicky said...
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Nicky said...

And special thanks to the cabbie who almost got us killed numerous times on the way there. I wrote a very biased review of the show on the space, it's no good to anyone but me.

BW said...

Josh, rant = yes!

Mellophone comment = curious.

I'm not sure either Jamie or I would be able to play it... There are a few differences (smaller mouthpiece, mainly) that would be tough to adjust to.

Where did you run into one?

julia gulia said...

to contribute to which threadless shirts to buy (because they are awesome):

which btw. colorblind can read. but it's a bit hard for them to make out. still an awesome shirt.

just cool. <3

yes i own both.

and i could never snark on you guys. unless it's in person.

ps. broncos lost against jacksonville. i was sad. they need to step it up or something.

josh said...

The mellophonium is actually a little different from the mellophone, it is more like a mellophone crossed with a trumpet. It was really only used in Stan Kentons orchestra (search Youtube Stan Kenton '62 - Malaguena- Jazz Scene USA and you can see them and hear them). Although it is aparently very hard to master intonation on it while I have futhered my research.

I have come across it on ebay (I have a hobby of collecting rare/random instruments) and would enjoy playing it, but I live on campus and would feel like a bother to play it. Same with my trumpet.

Wow... so if you are interested let me know (I think I might get it anyway).

BW said...

Josh... a wow from us, too. James and I just watched the clip (thanks for sharing it) - we really like the sound of the instrument.

this is lazy of me (perhaps I should do my own research?), but do you know if the mouthpiece tends toward a trumpet or a french horn/mellophone?

if you want, my e-mail is bret.wallin@gmail.com - let's keep writing!

BW said...

julia - if you want to talk sad, I watched the entire lions/eagles game.

Kristin Brownsword said...

did you win that auction?