From new e-friend fenceswemended in the comments section:

Bizarre. Cute. Slightly unsettling.

More of the same.

And even more! But THAT'S what I was talking about! Aren't they sweet?

Finally, other new e-friend anonymous left this sage advice in the comments:

(I'm paraphrasing)

"How about keeping Adsense at the bottom of the page?""

Now that's not a bad idea. It's reasonable, it's sound, it's fair to all parties (blog attendee's that don't care for all things eyesore, blog writers that pick up loose change in the street when they see it).

I think we're going to try it! The Magical Curtain Experiment is back on!

I'd like to imagine he's cheering "Huzzah."

Okay, but really - I apologize for this post... I've brought nothing to the table today except videos, pictures, and other people's comments. And good cheer! But mostly the other three. What I can promise, though, is that Matt is working on the second installment of his coast to coast musical roadtrip. I'm eagerly awaiting Illinois (oooh! US! US!!!) and Montana (Hannah).


I think that really means I should go.



bojangles said...

"A Great Wind More Ash" always makes me want to dance like a fool at that part. *goes off to find enough xylophones to cover his dorm wall*

Anonymous said...

do i smell a new photoshop contest coming up? the band buried beneath what was once a sturdy wall of xylophones. who uses scotch tape to hang xylophones anyway!

Anonymous said...

With Anathallo putting up these AdSense NonSense and now with youtube adding ads my world is starting to crumble. Next thing that will happen will be "Anathallo Presented by Vitamin Water " or "Vitamin Water Proudly Presents Anathallo".

fenceswemended said...


BW said...

jacob - you know nothing would make me happier.

fences - perfect! I watched it three times.

anon - too be honest... anonymous comments pretty much bum me out. if you want, my e-mail is bret.wallin@gmail.com - if that's really how feel, let's talk about it (with names and perhaps not in a public forum).

Shannon said...

this right here is most definatly worth watching. its actually pretty good too.