You-Me-Go friends, family, and guests (and those of you doing Erica Froman google searches.... SHHHHHHHH... I won't tell):

We are in the shiny land of new album recording limbo.

We have our record! It's been tracked! If you were to walk up to the pearly gates of Engine Studios, you could find a machine, hit play, and listen to the entire album start-to-finish. Monday was an exciting day.

(this religious analogy... seems terribly flawed... but onward!)

But that's not convenient. You'd eventually be kicked out of the studio and be told to wait outside (ahhh, there it is). And there you would stand - waiting - for three more weeks as we mix the record, transferring it from "weird machine in Studio A" to "all the sounds are in the right place and we feel comfortable putting this cd in your hands."

Our last day of recording was Tuesday, our first day of mixing is tomorrow. What did I do with today?

That's right. Television. Or to be more specific, legally hosted television programs found on the internet to be watched at my convenience! The problem - I am woefully out of my touch with my idiot box. Apologies to Hiro (above).

However, the fall season begins this week. And I am hunting for online treasures.

--But sir, why is this? Why are we only talking shows on the internet? Do you not own a television at your apartment?

(intervening question as blog-writing device? CHECK!)

--I do! Or my sister does. I live irregular hours, though. And it seems as if the apartment television is set aside for one channel only and that channel is Bravo. Which means I could converse with you reasonably about "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" and ask questions of paradox such as "how can Top Chef advertise last night's show as being both a Season Finale and a Part 1?"

It's either a finale or it's not. Last night wasn't. GOODBYE BRIAN!


(I feel as if I am the only person on the planet cheering for Hung)

But other than that, I have no idea what to watch (except for Lost... which is still months away).

Can you help?

I tried three out yesterday - Heroes, Journeyman, and Friday Night Lights. Coincidentally, all three are hosted free and legally at the NBC mothership. Perhaps I should see what ABC is up to as well.

The verdict: Heroes is pure gold, Journeyman is not (for real - I could only watch five minutes), and I'm not sure about Friday Night Lights. I will give it another episode or two. But... what else should I be on the lookout for?

So, in advance - thanks for your help. This post is merely a late night snack in between Matt's latest coast to coast roast and Danny's delightful ------------ (IT'S A SECRET BUT YOU WILL LOVE IT). And thanks for stopping by - I feel this final video is a fitting gift from recording limbo:

Noni's Field - a new and unrecorded song that nearly all of you have heard before. Just close your eyes and pretend it's track five on the record (BECAUSE IT IS). Most likely.


bojangles said...

Yay for being finished with tracking! I hope mixing goes well and I can't wait to hear the whole album.

Poor Hung. He looks so sad at the end of that clip.

Can't help you with your TV problem. The only 2 shows I watch are Lost and Heroes.

Hiro: "I LOVE Deus ex Machina plot devices!"

Casey said...

Two words: The Office.

Miss. M said...

Watch "Pushing Daisies" next week. The pilot is floating around the internet, if you can't wait. It's the most colorful show on TV (for adults, that is).

if i come to your CMJ show, is there any chance you'll have the albums by then?

hope in the sky said...

I'm going for Hung too.

Shannon said...

although it seems like a kid's show, avatar is really amazing. the season just started last friday but i'm sure nick has it on their site.
i absolutely love scrubs too. (oh zach braff... <3) but it doesnt start for a couple more months. reruns are on comedy central though.
happy you got tracking done. its going to be exciting when that cd comes out, ive been waiting what seems forever.

Adam said...

watch the office. its truly amazing.

BW said...

I completely forgot about The Office. Yes yes yes. Annnnnnnnd NBC (it's worth repeating) is carrying each episode online.

Miss M - Pushing Daisy looks wonderful! I still need to search for the pilot... but fantastic find. Thank you.

(we won't have the cds by CMJ... I think album mastering is set for early December)

Derek said...

on FX there is a show called Its always sunny in Philadelphia. it is horrible and off color and politically incorrect. AND hilarious. and i see people already have good taste with the office and scrubs.

Kristin Brownsword said...

"new glasses? me too!"

Bethany said...

Brother Bear,

If you had been home last night at 8:00pm, you would have witnessed a change in channel to......GREY'S ANATOMY!!!

Sorry Charlie, but Torres is cruisin' for a bruisin'.....just you wait!

Sister Bear

Ryan said...

is it just me, or does matt's guitar get progressively lower on his body as y'all get older? or maybe he's shrinking.