Intrepid reader KRISTIN BROWNSWORD sends in her photoshop entry from yesterday's predisposer masterpiece:

Ummmm.... well.....






She's requested her own guest post in the near future (done) and Anathallo's presence at her apartment for a homecooked meal sometime this month (and DONE).


With zero disrespect to YOU-ME-GO'S first ever internet champion... would anyone else care to take a shot? By no means is this contest closed. Both guest list and guest post prizes are still up for grabs. I want acorns! And acorn instruments! I want Anathallo likeness! Red-haired gangly acorns! Erica Froman acorns! A veritable bevy of multi-instrumentalist acorns!

That might be too much to ask.

We'll see.

---Studio update: Jamie just recorded two horn tracks, Erica is listening to her "Northern Lights" takes from Thursday night, and Danny might - maybe maybe maybe - have some videos ready to post soon from when we had our string players in last week.

Not a bad start to the weekend over here... hope you can say the same.

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