Is The American Dream A Discourse of Dominance?

"Matt, 2 posts in one day... really?" you ask.
"Yes!" I say, dominating the discourse. Sort of like... the movie 300 which I just watched. I'm not going to lie, I've enjoyed most of the films I've seen from a lessthanevenarmchair approach to cinematic arts. I'm not schooled in the art of film making, or film critique for that matter, and it's not one of my main interests. How else can I say this... how about, disclaimer: when it comes to film, I just like to be entertained. However, I found scary and bizarre themes in this film that made me think about cinema as a whole and, to be more specific, the genre of The Action Film. I rode my bike home from AlWaz's house and thought to myself (and aloud along the way) about the potential implications of the film. When I got home, I searched for reviews of 300 in google to see if I was just being snarky. Apparently I was not alone in being surprised by the film's overtly blind patriotism and questionable fascism. Now, some people raise a stink just to make it seem like they are thinking critically and we can all agree... that is annoying. At the least, it was fun to read some of the critique. I felt as though I were back in one of my ol' classes as CMU talking about deconstructionism. I don't really endorse this whole thing, but here's one of the more interesting findings (peoples' comments on the article are cool and informative too): BE OPEN. Aside from the meat of the film being pretty bunk in my book, I thought the aesthetics were entertaining and the shots were, at times, pretty incredible due to the fluid choreography sections.
I'm jis' sayin' watch what you eat
Love Matt

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Kristin Brownsword said...

wow, Matt! two posts in one day!

this kid apparently watched Jaws one time too many ---> http://www.bbc.co.uk/leicester/content/images/2005/07/25/shark_attack_352x470.jpg