A serious shift for the you-me-go blog today... and then it will be back to our regularly scheduled program.

(although it would appear that yesterday's program consisted of a two-legged horse)


The band "Anathallo" that was formed in the fall of 2000 was a collection of small town teenagers ranging from eighteen to sixteen years old. I was one of them... and there was no thought then to the amount of memories, friends, and travel that would follow as a result of piecing together songs in the Joynt family's basement. We just wanted our first show to go off without a hitch. That was more than enough to keep us occupied.

There was no thought given then, either - and how could we? - to the unknown faces that we had yet to meet, the deep friendships that would come in the form of future additions to the band. And similarly, how could anyone in that basement have known what it would feel like to share so many of those same memories, friends, and travel... and then part ways with one of us.

Ty Forquer, Glenn King, Kevin Greenlees, Nate Sandberg, Joel Thiele, and now Andrew Dost.

As first mentioned on buzzgrinder (kudos to you, story breakers) and just recently noticed by brooklyn vegan, Andrew has left the band and is now pursuing his own (wonderfully promising) solo career.

I think that after seven years you realize that music parts can be replaced but never a person. Never ever a person.

I first met Andrew at freshman orientation on the campus of Central Michigan University. We eventually became dorm-sharers, bandmates, intermural sport teammates, apartment-renters, and van travellers. When he joined the band, Anathallo was in disarray. Jamie had just taken his leave and Nate was planning on getting married. Our winter tour two months previous had featured a horn section of one. What Andrew brought was desperately needed stability and a wealth of talent. Pianist, vocalist, percussionist, and flugelhorn player; he helped navigate the band's transition from "college students who tour on their school breaks" to "let's see if we can be a real band."

It pays my rent now. That was as real as any of us had ever hoped.

This isn't a blog of drama. I know when I read stories about other bands and members leaving, I always want to know the whole story. You're the reader right now. I'm sure you're experiencing the same feeling. Of how's, what's, where's, when's, and why's... I think I've only covered the what. The band and Andrew parted ways this past summer and we both agreed a huge announcement wasn't needed from either side (that's the when, if you're keeping score). It just didn't seem to be either of our styles to go about it any other way. Only when stories started showing up (and understandably so) did it seem like the right time to sit down and pound this out on my keyboard.

I think everyone involved would agree... that this outcome has been for the best. Andrew just finished a tour with The Format and is currently travelling and playing his own songs. We spent the rest of the summer finishing the new album and are working to record it. That doesn't cover a how, where, or why so much - but maybe that's alright and you understand. Hopefully it's enough to know that we all feel that things have worked themselves out for the good of everyone involved.

Thanks for reading through all of this. I know this was a you-me-go departure... no random pictures today, but here:

This is from one of the best nights I can remember. It was Jer's first northern winter and a few of us went to visit Andrew's home in Beulah, Michigan. We caught snowflakes and laughed and laughed and laughed.

Finally, the youtube hound in me (so aptly put by Isaac at ...and God rock us, everyone) found this song from The Cotton Jones Basket Ride.

For any Michigan readers, I highly encourage you to head out and catch both Andrew and his above tourmates in Ann Arbor tonight.


Thanks again. More studio updates to come in the following days. Just a reminder, though, that Dan has been posting pictures daily on his flickr.


sean o'kane said...

sad to hear for sure, but he will certainly do well on his own.
it's so comforting to see musicians with such a love for each other that the music/business side of things doesn't get in the way of respect and friendship. keep up the good work with the album, can't wait to hear/see what you're cooking up!

julia gulia said...

awwwww *tear*

when i heard about this i was so sad. After talking to Andrew last week I was still sad but also happy for him and his new ventures.

It will definitely be wierd for me being a new fan experiencing anathallo sans Andrew but I'm sure that you guys will keep going on and being awesome. and so will he.

I LOVE YOU said...