Ok Ok... so I'm still in California, big deal. I can't stop finding good music! Positive vibrations and free spirited creators abound much. I just have two things to add today... though I was reminded by like.a.cannon that the incredible spazz-math powerhouse knows as Tera Melos graces the west coast elbow... AND that a band whose name and sound have very little to do with one another (besides the attention to detail in the music) known as Subtle also dwell in the sunny state. However, neither of these are the bands I forgot to mention (making a total of four).

This is Barr. They live in LA. I like them alot. "The Song is the Single" is brilliant on at least 12 levels, probably hundreds. Check em out

This is Lucky Dragons. I don't know much about this music yet (other than that the whole "Dark Falcon" record is available for free download over here) but what I hear I really like.

Ok, I need to get on my Bike and kick it into high gear if I want to reach Oregon... err... the studio on time.

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