Blogger mobile? Really??

Hot dog!

I feel there's a big sign on blogger.com that says "Welcome to the Future."

Here we are - in the van - and while it is early (I expect zero sympathy from those of you with real jobs) there is nothing but good zibes here as we leave the city.

There are two of you who might have read my Mitt Romney post last night before I pulled it. It very well may be coming back! But I did have second thoughts about late night first ever politics posting... something probably to be tackled with a clearer head.

Also: Drew Carey finally started hosting The Price is Right? Has anybody watched yet? Is he absolutely wonderful?

At the very least, he serves as a serviceable transition to "Cleveland, here we come!"

I think that's about it.

More to follow. If this actually worked.

-----edit: So it hasn't worked yet. But I just watched the movie Deja Vu (starring Denzel Washington!) over the weekend and he held onto the hope that he could change the future. If you're reading this, then I've done the same.
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BW said...

Success! The future is NOW!!

Kristin Brownsword said...
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mr. bojangles said...

Good luck on the shows. Unfortunately I will be unable to make any :( Stupid schoolwork.

Allison said...

I love this post. I can almost feel the energy through the words. It is very exciting and best of luck in the buckeye state! ps. tell matt I love the ski hat!

adam kassel said...

i will see you guys on friday :)

i'm rediculously excited.

marahe said...


dereK said...

here is a link to a contestant playing plinko with drew carey. subsequently, because she won so much money drew was fired.


The Man Who Made Dead Trees Bloom said...

Hey guys,
come to Spain, P-L-E-A-S-E!

Anyway, I'll continue waiting for the new album.

And reading this, it's funny.

Regards from Madrid!

sean o'kane said...

idk if you guys read this or not, but here's your band description in the CMJ festival guide:

"Capable players offer consistent, expressive musings from the heart of elation."

put a smile on my face in the train station tonight.
see you guys @ the Knitting Factory on Saturday

Hunter Beauchamp said...

Hey I have a quick question:

When it's all said and done, about what time do you think your new CD will come out?