Hey all, here's an update while I wait for my train this morning.

First, an apology. Our posts these past few weeks have been non-existant... and that's probably for a variety of reasons. Tour was wonderful and then we all scattered for a little bit afterwards for a (well appreciated) break. I'm guessing most of our guys (okay, and girl) have hardly been near a computer.

As for yours truly, I spent a week with some old friends in Lansing, caught up with my grandparents, and headed back to the city. I've had a couple people ask me if this you-me-go drought meant the Anathallo blog was working on it's way to a slow death. I can assure you that's not the case.

I always found it strange when real life intruded on writers whose sites I would visit. I would just get in the habit of hearing their voice every other day and not reading them as often was always a sad surprise. An "oh yeah, these people have days to balance out, too."

For a variety of reasons my heart hasn't been in putting together posts lately. Some understandable (my temp job these last few days has consisted of "move boxes" and "sit in the back of a van with boxes") and some cryptic (the ever disheartening "personal matters"). I'll be back soon enough with the usual assortment of youtube clips, bizarre oversized pictures, and record updates. Maybe some shorter link dumps this weekend.

Thanks for understanding. Talk to you soon.

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Bradley John said...

Good to hear your back and still around! Speaking of record updates, I haven't seen one in a while...do you have a release date? What's going on?!

I need the new stuff. Now.

Holly said...

Bret, thanks for this. It's very thoughtful. You think about us! It's good. I was a tad worried for a couple days.

sean o'kane said...

hope all is well. im sure everyone understands that this is something that should take a backseat to the more important parts of life.
come back to ny soon, and when all is well :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for coming out last night duders. It was really awesome getting to see you. hugs and kissers, Ty.

Anonymous said...

Hey BW, this is OK.

Glad to see you're still posting. It's fun to read!

Love you buddy. Take care of yourself.


julia gulia said...

sean is always right. it's the things i've learned in life. (1) never say no to having a real life and (2) sean is always right.

don't worry about us it just means more stories for later... if you feel like sharing.