It's true. And here it is applied to Kelly Clarkson's finest work.

(click for the fourth track, friends!)

OH. And if you're bored at work...

Heath Ledger dressed up all funny. For some movie or something.

Finally, our old friend Mr. Disposition drops by for the ROBOSAPIEN vs ROBORAPTOR debate. Or, actually, I think it's his brother narrating the video. Brother Disposition. Accompanied by Laughing Aunt Disposition.

robot dancing

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I am pretty sure the roboraptor can't dance.

Someone tell me if I'm wrong.

Okay, that's all!


jon bukiewicz said...

yikes. that "gonathallo" thing is pretty scary. how did you find that? and can i borrow some of that kid's time?

Corey Bienert said...

That is pretty awesome.

Anathallo definitely has it's own aesthetic.

We've tried writing in your guys(es) style.

When we get a track recorded I'll send it to you.

Ps. Love the blog.

This site always has interesting material on it and gives me something to occupy my time with other then writing papers.

julia gulia said...

... thats really weird cause i was just at a concert where this band covered that song...


and if you guys did a cover of that i have to believe it would sound better than dan's version.

ps. roboreptile doesn't dance. sorry buddy.

pps. i'm interested in seeing what the roboquad is like. he's crazy lookin and you can program his AGRESSION!!

Hunter Beauchamp said...

1st of all, I have always wondered:

What does "Your happy makes me go oldies" mean?

2nd of all, I'm sorry about the Lions losing to the Packers. I'm not sure how much you care, but I saw that you mentioned it in your last post. I wanted the Packers to lose also, because it would have helped by my team, the Dallas Cowboys. But if there is one team that I like 2nd best in the NFL, it's the Lions, all because of Jon Kitna.

Dan said...

This Dan guy is obviously some sort of musical mastermind.

BW said...